Welcome to Figment: a boutique London web design agency based in Kingston Upon-Thames.

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Our London website design services include web design, mobile / responsive design and search engine optimisation (SEO):

  • Websites

    When it comes to London Website Design, Figment are in demand. We plan, design and deliver sensational websites: Our team of highly skilled London Web Developers and engineers are ready to create a bespoke website that your competitors can only dream of.

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  • Responsive Design

    Is your website mobile optimised? Whether you have an existing site to upgrade or re-designing your site from scratch, our London based agency will ensure your website is mobile friendly. Our responsive sites work perfectly on smart phones like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC wildfire.

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  • Consulting

    Knowledge is power, experience is invaluable - and we believe in sharing that. We're London's highly analytical, business-minded website gurus, ready to help you get the most out of your online presence. We're ready to evaluate your web, online and marketing service providers.

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  • Online Marketing & SEO

    Ready to boost your traffic and maximise your conversions? Your new one-of-a-kind social media presence is also on its way. We offer a range of online marketing services including London SEO to get your website on the first page of Google - with all eyes on you.

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In a nutshell...

Clients tell us we’re different because we come up with inspired ideas. We listen, then study. It’s important to work out what’s going on with your audience, your market and your industry so we can give you a considered approach. We think things through. We discuss everything with you. Our concepts are aimed directly at capturing the imagination and desires of your audience.

Developing a website and a brand should be fun; we do fun, and we do serious too. For ten years our clients have enjoyed professional results, a good rapport and a lasting relationship. We work with clients’ best interests at the core, with clear communication and fast responses all the way. Your project: where shall we start – let’s chat!

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At your service...

From inspired websites to strategic consulting, intelligent online marketing to time saving support: it’s all here for you, under one roof. All managed to the finest degree, so you never have to worry, or even ask.

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Everyone’s Loving Infographics – Here’s Why

Infographics have certainly become a growing trend of late. Statistics say infographic search volumes increased by more than 800% between 2010 and 2012. But what exactly are infographics, and should you be adopting them as part of your marketing campaign?

Infographics Explained

In a nutshell, infographics are ‘graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly’. That’s the technical explanation. In laymen’s terms, it’s something that takes statistics and displays them in a graphical format that’s easy to understand.

Visual aids really do help deliver a message. With so much information available across the web, collating it in a way that’s engaging and easy to follow has got to be a good idea. Especially when you consider that research shows 90% of the information we remember is based on visual impact.

Why Use Infographics?

We like infographics: they offer plenty of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  1. Graphics are more eye-catching than text based presentations. Imagery and charts cleverly designed to capture attention through movement and bold colours will always win hands down.
  2. Internet surfers tend to scan rather than read, so graphical presentations make the whole thing much easier.
  3. Graphics stick in the mind more than text, so your readers will take much more away with them with an infographic.
  4. Infographics are much shared across social media and the web and will stand a much higher chance of going viral than text based reports. If you publish an infographic on your WordPress site then it will auto-generate code to embed the graphic in another site, which will give you a link back. All good for search engine marketing and traffic driving.
  5. Infographics engage audiences and can be a fun way of presenting otherwise complex or boring information.
  6. You can get your branding right at the heart of an infographic which is great for brand reinforcement.

If you’d like some help creating a visually appealing, engaging infographic, we’d love to help so please get in touch.

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