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Our London website design services include web design, mobile / responsive design and search engine optimisation (SEO):

  • Websites

    When it comes to London Website Design, Figment are in demand. We plan, design and deliver sensational websites: Our team of highly skilled London Web Developers and engineers are ready to create a bespoke website that your competitors can only dream of.

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  • Responsive Design

    Is your website mobile optimised? Whether you have an existing site to upgrade or re-designing your site from scratch, our London based agency will ensure your website is mobile friendly. Our responsive sites work perfectly on smart phones like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC wildfire.

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  • Consulting

    Knowledge is power, experience is invaluable - and we believe in sharing that. We're London's highly analytical, business-minded website gurus, ready to help you get the most out of your online presence. We're ready to evaluate your web, online and marketing service providers.

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  • Online Marketing & SEO

    Ready to boost your traffic and maximise your conversions? Your new one-of-a-kind social media presence is also on its way. We offer a range of online marketing services including London SEO to get your website on the first page of Google - with all eyes on you.

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In a nutshell...

Clients tell us we’re different because we come up with inspired ideas. We listen, then study. It’s important to work out what’s going on with your audience, your market and your industry so we can give you a considered approach. We think things through. We discuss everything with you. Our concepts are aimed directly at capturing the imagination and desires of your audience.

Developing a website and a brand should be fun; we do fun, and we do serious too. For ten years our clients have enjoyed professional results, a good rapport and a lasting relationship. We work with clients’ best interests at the core, with clear communication and fast responses all the way. Your project: where shall we start – let’s chat!

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At your service...

From inspired websites to strategic consulting, intelligent online marketing to time saving support: it’s all here for you, under one roof. All managed to the finest degree, so you never have to worry, or even ask.

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Content marketing

Where to Publish Your Content

In our last post we talked about how to get the most out of your content by writing it with a view to utilising it on an array of platforms. Following on from that, this time around we are going to look in more detail at the various publishing avenues for your material: places you can put your content to expand your readership, raise your profile and boost your blog or website ranking.

Plenty of Places for Content

There are so many places you can publish and share your content now – you are not restricted to just your blog or website. Here are our top picks for places to post and share your expertise:


The world’s best known business networking platform now lets you publish full posts, with images and embedded links, so you can easily share with your followers, connections and groups.

Online business portals

There are plenty out there that invite content – but do check individual editorial guidelines before you submit otherwise it could mean instant rejection and time wasted. Get it right though and you could find yourself featured on a site that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

For example, Is4Profit is a very popular portal that invites business advice articles and blog posts and it has a small business audience of 1.2 million users per annum. They send a weekly newsletter that showcases content too.

Other portals include Business Zone, an incredibly popular and highly visited portal with a big voice. Sign up as a member and you can post your own blogs as well as submit articles for editorial consideration. There’s also a forum which is a major exchange platform for advice and guidance amongst the business community. They sent out a twice weekly newsletter with featured content so it’s worth seeing what you can do to get involved, but before you do, have a good read of their strict editorial guidelines.

The Business Magazine covers the Thames Valley and Solent areas and you can submit posts as a guest or even pitch to be featured as an entrepreneur.

Talk Business invites press releases and editorial submissions, as does Business Matters. Real Business commands 115,000 monthly visitors and if you put a good business advice-based article together you could get it featured on there. Check their site to see their style and make sure you match it with your material.


You can also approach some of your favourite local or regional business magazines (or local magazines with business sections) and pitch them with some ideas for articles. Study the publications for content style and readership profile and try and come up with something you feel would be appropriate as well as fresh and interesting – and definitely not covered recently. Email the editor with a summary of your idea for an article and a quick one or two sentences on why you think readers will benefit from it. Only ever pitch one idea to one publication at a time and put a deadline on the reply, saying that if you haven’t heard with say 14 days then you’ll assume it’s not of interest and will present it to another publication.

Social Platforms

Always share your content on all the relevant platforms – relevant being the key word. If your Twitter followers are the right people to read and share your content, post to Twitter. Same goes for Facebook and Google Plus.

The great thing about Google Plus is you can choose the circles to which you push content, so you really can be relevant. With Facebook you can pay to boost your post if you want to drive traffic to your website or increase followers, and when you do so it is straightforward to select a particular demographic. Just choose the ‘Boost Post’ button on your post and follow the simple instructions. Just a few pounds can make a surprising difference.

Don’t forget to include social share buttons on all your posts to make it a breeze for readers to share the content across their own networks.


Articles you’ve posted on your website are the ideal way to make a quick and easy newsletter. Just write a tempting intro or discussion-based leader into each piece, add a read more link and you’ll direct traffic onto your site.

So there are a few examples of where to share and publish your content. Need help producing good material? Get in touch. Our copywriters are highly experienced.

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