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Our London website design services include web design, mobile / responsive design and search engine optimisation (SEO):

  • Websites

    When it comes to London Website Design, Figment are in demand. We plan, design and deliver sensational websites: Our team of highly skilled London Web Developers and engineers are ready to create a bespoke website that your competitors can only dream of.

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  • Responsive Design

    Is your website mobile optimised? Whether you have an existing site to upgrade or re-designing your site from scratch, our London based agency will ensure your website is mobile friendly. Our responsive sites work perfectly on smart phones like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC wildfire.

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  • Consulting

    Knowledge is power, experience is invaluable - and we believe in sharing that. We're London's highly analytical, business-minded website gurus, ready to help you get the most out of your online presence. We're ready to evaluate your web, online and marketing service providers.

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  • Online Marketing & SEO

    Ready to boost your traffic and maximise your conversions? Your new one-of-a-kind social media presence is also on its way. We offer a range of online marketing services including London SEO to get your website on the first page of Google - with all eyes on you.

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In a nutshell...

Clients tell us we’re different because we come up with inspired ideas. We listen, then study. It’s important to work out what’s going on with your audience, your market and your industry so we can give you a considered approach. We think things through. We discuss everything with you. Our concepts are aimed directly at capturing the imagination and desires of your audience.

Developing a website and a brand should be fun; we do fun, and we do serious too. For ten years our clients have enjoyed professional results, a good rapport and a lasting relationship. We work with clients’ best interests at the core, with clear communication and fast responses all the way. Your project: where shall we start – let’s chat!

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At your service...

From inspired websites to strategic consulting, intelligent online marketing to time saving support: it’s all here for you, under one roof. All managed to the finest degree, so you never have to worry, or even ask.

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How to Make your Content Count and Raise Your Profile

So you know that adding great content to your blog or website on a regular basis is the right thing to do. But writing and posting is definitely not the be all and end all. If the content you are putting out is bland, lacking a clear point and not delivering on the promise made by the title, the fact is, no one will remember it. This means they won’t remember you, they won’t click the share buttons, and they won’t come back.

Google picks up on this too. If visitors aren’t spending quality time on your site or blog, they’ll know all about it. But if you’re holding attention – as in people are staying around to engage in your content – they will see what you have to say is interesting, and will award you a good ranking.

So how exactly do you make your content count, so that it gets maximum exposure and really shows you as an expert in your niche?

Beginning, Middle & End

Good content starts with an inviting title and an attention-grabbing introduction. Follow with a persuasive middle and summarise with a clear message at the end, and you’ll be on your way to cracking it.

The first thing is to remember that content that doesn’t evoke some sort of emotion is worthless. If it doesn’t make the reader feel something, there is absolutely no point to it. So make sure what you write inspires, sparks thought, reassures or pacifies in some way. Stimulate feelings and you’ll hook your reader in from the off.

Keep it Tight

Secondly, avoid being boring: don’t waffle on or repeat yourself. Make your content tight. Once you’ve written an article, rest it till at least the next day. Then shave off anything that says, ‘so what?’. Rest it again and do the same tomorrow. You are aiming to leave only the material that has meaning.

Next up, avoid at all costs causing frustration or disappointment. Something readers find incredibly infuriating is being misled by a title that makes a big promise, only for the content that follows to fail to deliver. Don’t leave your readers wanting by failing to provide the promised answers, revelations or secrets. If you can’t provide specialist insight or in-depth advice based on personal experience then ask yourself if you really should be writing about the topic at all.

Don’t be left red faced.

If you are getting into content writing to help boost your profile or website rankings, take heed. You could get seriously noticed if what you produce presses the right buttons, but by the same token, you could be left red faced if it falls flat.

Need help writing compelling copy? Get in touch!

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