7 Ways to Make Your Website Copy Count

Your website content needs to be carefully crafted. It must be impactful and engaging in order to capture the attention of your website visitors and then persuasive enough to make them take action. Ultimately, it is your website copy that will aid website conversion.

Here are 7 ways to really make your web copy work for you:

1.    Be Clear and Concise

Most people tend not to read websites, but instead scan them. Therefore, the copy on your website must be clear and concise so that it is easy to read. Copy should be in short sentences and paragraphs which are broken up with headers or bullet points.

2.    Use a Strong Title

A strong title on your website will create impact and entice visitors to more.

3.    Be Professional

Badly written copy, or copy littered with spelling and grammatical errors, gives a bad impression and may repel visitors.

4.    Consider the Target Market

Think about who your customer is and what they want. Your website copy should reflect the tone of your audience. For example, a financial services company would use a professional and reassuring tone, whilst a website for students could adopt a more relaxed and friendly approach. Your website copy should clearly highlight the benefits of using your product or service or of choosing you over a competitor.

5.    Use Calls to Action

The calls to action on a website should be clear and compelling and encourage the user to progress.  For example “Order now and save 20%.”

6.    Avoid Jargon

Never assume visitors know everything about your business and all the industry terminology that is second nature to you. Avoid jargon and clichés and stick to clear, simple language that is easy to understand.

7.    Use Keywords

Without over-doing it, weave a few researched keywords into your website copy to give the site a better chance of being found in the search engines. It’s got to sound natural though!

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