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Steve is a founder of Figment, a multi award-winning UK-based SEO agency helping clients connect with new customers online to achieve healthy and sustainable business growth. Having advised over 200 business owners, Steve combines a strong commercial background with Figment’s innovative SearchRank 360™ approach and specialist team to deliver simple, cost-effective results. His ability to lead by example and inspire his team is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. As a former Apple consultant and first-class Brunel graduate in Multimedia Technology and Design, Steve brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and marketing strategy to create tailored SEO campaigns that deliver results. Outside of work, Steve is a devoted family man, accomplished jazz pianist, and talented artist. With his friendly and professional approach, Figment's founder is not only an industry expert but also a true asset to any business seeking to make its mark in the online world.

Online video is no longer confined to the likes of YouTube and other entertainment sites. Business websites across the board are realising the huge potential that video can bring.

Online videos can be used in a variety of ways: for example to showcase products and services, to present a company or deliver insightful information about your offering.

The Benefits:

  • Video creates engaging and sticky content.  Visitors will stay on your website for longer if they are interested and engaged by a video that shows a product, service or insightful information about your company.   
  • Videos can aid the customer research process as it often allows for a greater level of detail and perspective than written information.  Some research has found that we better retain information that is based on body language, tone and voice rather than written communication. 
  • By using a video, your business adopts a more human approach with a personality. Your brand becomes more real to the consumer eliciting more emotions. This can improve your retention rate. 
  • The conversion rate of your website can be improved by using online videos.  According to an Internet Retailer report from 2010, consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who do not watch. 
  • Using video online can improve the SEO of your website. Search engines give priority to websites that have video content. 
  • Producing a video is not expensive and once it’s online it can be used time and again.  It can also be used across various marketing channels, for example for PR or with social media sites, making it a cost effective marketing tool.  Additionally it can link in well to other marketing methods, so you can for example refer to it within an email campaign and drive customers online, boosting your visitor numbers and potentially your conversion rates. 
  • Videos usually work well on all devices including mobile and tablets and so can help improve the usability of your website. 
  • Search engines favour websites that are regularly updated with new and relevant content and videos provide another way of keeping your website fresh and updated. 
  • Branded videos can help reinforce your brand and brand values. They can also help to differentiate you from competitors. 
  • An online video allows you to be established as more of an expert, giving your business more credibility. 

How to Use Online Videos

Videos can be used in a variety of ways and will of course be determined by the type of business and nature of your industry.  Some common uses include:

  • Showcase new products or services
  • Meet the team
  • ‘How to’ guides
  • Behind the scenes
  • Tours of the office or warehouse
  • The making of … (product, advert etc.)

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