Digital Marketing: Four of the Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

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It’s that time of year for reflection and for looking to the future. For those charged with the task of taking a business forward to the next level, it’s also a time of reviewing which initiatives delivered the best return during the past year, and for looking at what’s new on the marketing scene for the coming twelve months.

The good news is that for digital marketers, the scene for 2017 is set with some exciting opportunities, plus there are also some vitally important changes on the horizon that need to be factored into your plan for the forthcoming year.

So with all this in mind, we’ve put together four of what we believe are the best digital marketing New Year resolutions for 2017.

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What should be top of your digital marketing task list in 2017?

Resolution 1: To Focus on Mobile

As we discussed in a post last month, Google’s big search index divide is coming. Mobile and desktop results will be split into two distinct versions, one dedicated to mobile search and the other for desktop. The mobile index will be updated on a more regular basis than its desktop counterpart, which means that mobile users will receive better quality results, and faster. With separate indexes, there will be no room for websites that switch between mobile and desktop versions. Responsive design and also responsive content are by far the way to go, and the importance of mobile as part of a digital marketing strategy cannot be emphasised enough.

mobile friendly

Make your first digital marketing resolution for 2017 to focus on mobile

Resolution 2: To Make the Most of Local Marketing Opportunities

It is always important to remember that if you run a local business, potential customers searching for your products or services can instantly locate you via Google Maps on their mobile device and all it takes is one tap to call or get directions. In a post in August we talked about Google’s Local Pack and how to use it to boost your local presence online. We mentioned that Google revealed that 50 per cent of mobile users searching for a local business went on to visit a physical store within 24 hours and that 78 per cent of local mobile searches lead to in-store purchases. Local organic search optimisation is crucial if you want to achieve one of Google’s coveted top spots in the Local Pack top 3 listings, and there are various tips you can use in the August post.

man touching the screen of his smartphone showing gps app. All screen graphics are made up.

Make the most of local marketing opportunities in 2017

Resolution 3: To Try Google Local Pack Advertising (as soon as it’s released)

Following on from Resolution 2, another way to get your business featured in the Local Pack listings is to go down the paid route with a Google AdWords Local Pack campaign. Now, this is something that is currently only being trialled in the UK, so you won’t find it on general offer just yet. But according to reports, it is only a matter of time. Early spots of the test campaign show one advert above the three organic results, but industry commentators are suggesting that this may be extended to two ad spots. It remains to be seen of course, and as soon as Local Pack Advertising is officially launched, you can rest assured we’ll be delivering the news right here.

Google Local Pack Marketing

Look out for Google Local Pack Marketing coming soon

Resolution 4: To Go Multi-Channel

It is a fact that consumers tend to use a variety of channels ranging from social media to websites, email and video. So it clearly makes sense that marketers should be going multi-channel in their efforts to reach their audiences. If you don’t already embrace a range of digital initiatives, why not make 2017 the year you branch out and give them a try? In a post earlier this month, we talked about Lookalike Audiences, a digital initiative offered by Facebook and Google Remarketing. This is just one example of the exciting opportunities that you could be embracing in the New Year. Of course, you’ll need to analyse your audiences and discover the best channels through which to reach them, but if you don’t try new avenues, how will you ever know what potential you could be uncovering?

multichannel marketing

Your customers use multiple digital channels, do you?

So there you have our top picks of what we believe you should be resolving to try in 2017. Of course, you can always give us a shout if you’d like any help in setting up or managing digital marketing campaigns, or even if you’d like some professional guidance in planning out a strategy with our digital marketing agency in London.

For now though we’d like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and here’s to a successful and enjoyable New Year 2017. Best wishes from all at Team Figment!

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