How to Increase Click Through Rates on Social Media

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Gaining extra interest through social media is what most businesses are aiming for. By diverting people to your website from your platforms you can get a step closer to the end goal, whether a sale or a lead.

Trouble is, lots of visitors land on social platforms, but don’t go any further. What you need is a focus on initiatives that get people excited and raring to learn more, so they click through to your website. Here are some tips on doing just that.

Tell Followers What You Want Them To Do

Many businesses make the mistake of simply not telling their fans what they want them to do. It’s no use just posting a photo or a bland status update. If you want people to look at something you are selling, or sign up for a membership, then tell them – and give them the link they need to do just that.

Give Followers a Reason to Click Through

If your website has content that can help solve a problem or can take people to the next step in achieving something, this can make for engaging posts. If customers like what they see when they click through, they may sign up or make a purchase. Something with a deadline always works well, like a limited period offer

Make the Post Cohesive

Before writing a message on social media, make sure all elements are cohesive. Any type of inconsistency can lead the reader to pause in their momentum and, therefore, in their journey to your website. Does the image truly fit the text? Does the headline work? Does your call to action fit?

Look at previous posts that have worked well in terms of your goals and find the underlying connection between them. You can then use this to work on building similar messages to achieve similar results

Deliver on Landing

When you excite people with compelling posts, make sure you don’t let them down on their landing after they’ve clicked through.

Landing pages absolutely must provide the information promised and should re-iterate any offers mentioned.

Strong Relationships Lead to Better Click Through Rates

By creating strong relationships with followers you can help increase conversion. Offer followers value and interest and they will be more likely to click through. Be consistent in your messaging, your branding and your calls to action and you will notice a higher click through rate.

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