Organic Search Engine Optimisation: In or Out?

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Search engine optimisation has for a while now been the subject of much speculation. Some would have it written off as a dying art and a non-necessity, especially now that paid adverts are dominating search results and those ads are far more similar looking to natural results.

But should SEO really be assigned to the marketer’s don’t bother list and all focus instead placed on pay per click advertising? There is much confusion around this question, so let’s take a look.

Search engine optimisation

Confused about organic SEO? Read on…

Firstly there is no denying that search engines play a huge part in the lives of most people. For business, leisure, shopping, research, education, general interest: it is difficult to think where we’d be without the likes of Google. But let’s have a think about what we are actually searching for.

What tops the searcher’s wish list?

When we type in our search query, we are looking for relevant information: quality relevant information to be precise. But is this what we get through paid-for advertised results?

The reason these adverts appear at the top of the search results is because the advertiser paid handsomely to get them there. They traded on keywords, and the results we see are based on this alone.

wish list?

What’s at the top of the search engine user’s wish list?

Compare this to organic results. No longer is SEO focused around keywords: that methodology is long gone. These days Google rewards websites for providing quality content. Content that shows authority through inbound links and social shares. Content that delivers on relevance to the search query. That’s well written, in-depth and easy to navigate.

Do advertised results really deliver what the user wants?

These rewards are only bestowed upon sites that appear in the organic listings. You may well find advertised websites listed at the top of your results, above those organic listings, but remember: they are not there on merit, only on money and keyword matches. So there is a likelihood that these advertised results are not going to deliver the quality content readers want.

An organic SEO company is based around the true fundamentals of marketing. It involves discovering who your audience is and how to reach them. SEO encompasses a range of different tactics including website and content development; competitor analysis; social media; authority building; conversion optimisation; local marketing and user experience optimisation. Each campaign absolutely must be unique with the goal of creating a relevant and rewarding online experience.

So… in, or out for organic SEO?

So in answer to our original question as to whether organic search optimisation is still a tangible marketing exercise, the answer has to be a resounding ‘yes’. Web users know that organic results are going to deliver the relevant, quality information they need and, whilst pay per click advertising of course remains a viable way of creating leads, it really should only form part of a marketer’s toolkit.

organic SEO

It’s a yes from us on organic SEO still being relevant in today’s online arena, providing it’s well-targeted.

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