Responsive website: check. Mobile friendly newsletter … not quite?

The reasons for needing a responsive website are much documented and proven by numerous studies. So you’re all clear on that. You may have even taken action and got yourself a mobile friendly site that adapts to any device. All good.

Now let’s talk about newsletters. If you use e-mail newsletters as part of your marketing, then it is more than likely that an increasing number of your recipients will be reading them on mobile devices. Scan the web and you’ll find plenty of research that shows a high percentage of newsletter opens occur on a mobile device, and that this number is growing. Take a look at your own tracking data and you’ll see for yourself.

You’ve probably received a newsletter yourself whilst out and about and attempted to read it on your smart phone or tablet. If you found the whole experience frustrating, you’ll realise the importance of getting your own newsletters right so that you can please as wide an audience as possible.

Mobile Email Overtaking Web & Desktop

It is likely that eventually, the use of mobile email will overtake web and desktop email. If you think about it, you can understand why people want to read newsletters on the go. You’re sitting on a train, waiting for a meeting to start or grabbing some lunch. It’s the ideal time to have a flick through a newsletter.

It’s a great opportunity because you have a captive audience. Rather than sat at a desk with work distractions, your reader is focused on what you have to say. So it’s vital to make sure they can read it.

Whoever takes care of your email newsletters really should be taking the initiative to get them displaying optimally on all types of devices, as well as on the usual email platforms like Gmail and Outlook. Are they? If not, you could be losing out on getting your message across to the widest possible audience.

If you would rather not frustrate your loyal subscribers, make sure your web design and newsletters are responsive. Need some help? Get in touch!

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