Seven Ways to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Sarah McInerney

Head of Content

Sarah has almost three decades of experience in crafting compelling, engaging content specifically designed to boost sales and enhance brand loyalty. She’s also an expert in developing unique tone of voice that helps brands connect with their audiences. Her marketing and client service background has given Sarah a natural understanding of how to write content that makes readers take action. Whether it’s signing up to a mailing list, making an enquiry or donation or clicking the buy button, Sarah knows precisely how to convert with words. Pen down, Sarah is a proud member of the Essex Wildlife Trust and spends most of her free time enjoying inspiring walks through her local woodland and nature reserves, admiring everything that flaps, flutters and flowers.

Maintaining and building relationships with existing customers or clients is essential if you want see them flourish. You don’t want to lose precious custom to the competition after all. You can strengthen relationships through personal communication, so that clients feel understood and appreciated. Here’s how in 7 steps:

  1. Database – Start with the right information. Having data on clients is crucial. It’s so much more than just a contact name and address. Note how each client prefers to be contacted, the type of information they wish to receive and what they are particularly interested in so that you can tailor communications. 
  2. Personal Info – Birthdays, hobbies and information about families can really help you tailor communications. If a client has children and enjoys participating in marathons, you can use this to ask after the family and enquire about training to add to the personal touch. Use your database or CRM system to alert you to send a birthday card or congratulations card. These personal touches can really make a difference. 
  3. Meet Face to Face – Emails, phone calls and social media are all great tools to keep in touch, but nothing beats meeting with clients face to face. Even if business appears to be ticking along, the odd meeting can show the client you’re thinking of them or showing some initiative by forward planning. It may even be the catalyst for gaining more business. 
  4. Newsletters – Newsletters are great vehicles to showcase blog posts or case studies and share recent testimonials so you and your business are a constant reminder in your client’s mind. 
  5. Blogs – By regularly updating your blog and sharing with clients via email, you can demonstrate your expertise and credentials and illustrate ways in which you’ve solved business problems. Also take time to leave comments on client blogs to show you’ve given them some thought.
  6. Social Media – It goes without saying you should be regularly updating your business profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to let your clients know what you’re doing. You can also use these tools to forward on anything relevant or interesting you find – being helpful always goes down well.
  7. Corporate Gifts – Christmas is the obvious time of year to send gifts, but organising a tailored present for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions such as award wins or major achievements will really make an impression.

Keeping in touch in a personal, relevant way is essential for healthy business relations. By showing genuine interest in the individual as well as paying attention to how you can help their business, you will be showing your customer or client you appreciate them and are thinking about them. If you need help with a customer relationship management (CRM) campaign, contact our London SEO agency.

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