The Secrets Behind Successful Content Marketing

Sarah McInerney

Head of Content

Sarah has almost three decades of experience in crafting compelling, engaging content specifically designed to boost sales and enhance brand loyalty. She’s also an expert in developing unique tone of voice that helps brands connect with their audiences. Her marketing and client service background has given Sarah a natural understanding of how to write content that makes readers take action. Whether it’s signing up to a mailing list, making an enquiry or donation or clicking the buy button, Sarah knows precisely how to convert with words. Pen down, Sarah is a proud member of the Essex Wildlife Trust and spends most of her free time enjoying inspiring walks through her local woodland and nature reserves, admiring everything that flaps, flutters and flowers.

Content marketing has become a real buzz word, but too many businesses are jumping on the band wagon, churning out content with no real thought for strategy or purpose.

Google knows if people are staying around to read what you’ve written. If your material is dull as dishwater and readers are departing as quickly as they arrived in search of something more interesting to get their teeth into, it’s going to translate into poor rankings.

So how do you produce the content that gets people staying around and wanting more?

Have a Goal

Be aware of what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to educate? Motivate? Demonstrate expertise? Spread some news? The type of goal you have will not only affect the type of content you write, but also the way you measure results

Know Your Audience

Think about what your audience needs to know or wants to learn. Your content needs to be tailored to the demographic you are targeting, the people who will buy your product or service. It needs to address their particular issues and deliver solutions that mean something to them.

Vary Your Content

Don’t focus on just one type of content. Keep things interesting a by diversifying across things like e-books, white papers, blogs, videos, articles, infographics and more.

Include a Call to Action

Your content should primarily be a valuable source for your audience. It shouldn’t sell but aim to position you as an industry expert. DO however include call to actions in your summary. Be helpful: offer readers the opportunity to find out more by signing up for a free trial or regular content.

Promote with Social Media

Share your content across well selected social media platforms and you’ll boo your outreach. Be sure to include share buttons so readers can quickly and easily distribute your content for you.

Take Stock

Content marketing might seem like THE thing to be doing but it’s important to take stock and think about what your business can achieve through it.

Set goals and consider the type of content that can really add value and what your audience will really appreciate. Then think about the different forms of content you can use, how you can incorporate calls to action and how to get it out there through sharing.

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