Trend for Quality Content Set to Continue in 2013

Sarah McInerney

Head of Content

Sarah has almost three decades of experience in crafting compelling, engaging content specifically designed to boost sales and enhance brand loyalty. She’s also an expert in developing unique tone of voice that helps brands connect with their audiences. Her marketing and client service background has given Sarah a natural understanding of how to write content that makes readers take action. Whether it’s signing up to a mailing list, making an enquiry or donation or clicking the buy button, Sarah knows precisely how to convert with words. Pen down, Sarah is a proud member of the Essex Wildlife Trust and spends most of her free time enjoying inspiring walks through her local woodland and nature reserves, admiring everything that flaps, flutters and flowers.

One of the key learnings for all websites in 2012 was that content truly is king. The Google Panda update meant that Google changed its algorithms to focus more on content that was both relevant and regularly updated, and this trend looks set to continue for 2013.                                                                                         

Owners of websites now have to place a lot more emphasis on the type of content that they use to update their sites and the frequency in which they do this. Having a website that looks good is of course vital. But it’s not enough. The content on a site is essential for boosting SEO, how frequently you update your site will affect your rankings too. Finally, don’t forget the user. Quality content that is regularly updated will ensure that the user will return time and again to your website.

An innovative web design agency will consider SEO when creating a new site and they will factor in the importance of incorporating quality copy in key areas within the site.

Ongoing Content Essentials

Once a website is launched, the content process is far from over. It is essential to continue to add engaging and relevant content that will hold both the attention of your visitors and the search engines. 

There are several ways that you can do this other than regularly updating product or service descriptions:

  • Blogs – These are now common practice amongst many companies and are an excellent way of feeding relevant content onto your site. Good blogs can also be picked up by the media with journalists looking for authority writers and stories for publications that could get you coverage. 
  • Articles – Well written, informative articles are an excellent way of promoting the credibility of your name within an industry. Readers will subscribe if they see useful information on a regular basis. 
  • P.R. or Industry News – A page on your site could promote events happening within your company or industry.  You could also use a page to dedicate to any press or promotional work that you do. 
  • Case studies – Showcasing services, skills and experience to potential customers through well-crafted case studies is beneficial, and case studies can often be picked up by the media too, even TV documentary researchers scan case studies for potential material. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions – This is a good way to build content and also acts as a good customer service tool. Add to them regularly based on true common customer questions.

There are plenty of ways to keep your website updated with fresh content. It is important from a visitor, customer and search engine point of view to do so on a regular basis. If you need help with content, or good web design, get in touch.

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