Figment Care and Hosting SLA

This Service Level Agreement, henceforth also known as “SLA,” is an agreement between SDG New Media Ltd (trading as Figment Agency) and the client for all web care and hosting packages. Web care and hosting packages are henceforth referenced as “Service”.

Version 2.12: Last updated 3rd January 2024

[1.0] SLA Purpose

The purpose of this SLA is to set expectations for the provision of the Service as it is defined herein with regard to:

  • Requirements for websites that will be hosted on the Service
  • Criteria that will be used to measure the Service
  • Agreed service level targets that are the minimum performance requirement
  • Roles and responsibilities of Figment Agency and Client
  • Escalation contacts
  • Associated and supporting processes as well as any deviations

Our terms of Business can be also found here:

[1.1] SLA Duration & Parameters

This section defines the duration and describes the rules regarding renewal, modification, amendment, and termination of the SLA:
  1. This SLA is effective as of this date stated in the Client contract.
  2. This SLA will automatically renew unless Figment Agency and Client mutually agree to another arrangement.
  3. Any amendments, modifications, or other terms outside those stated herein must be agreed upon by both parties.
  4. The Client is responsible for providing Figment with details of any current or future projects that may impact the provision of this SLA.
  5. SLA Termination: Both parties must agree to any termination arrangement. Figment Agency requires a minimum of 30 days notice regarding early termination of the SLA.

[2.1] Service Description

The Service provided by Figment Agency covers two areas:

  1. Website Hosting*
  2. Website Care and Maintenance**

* If the Client signs up to Website Hosting, then they will automatically sign up to Website Care and Maintenance
** The Client can choose to have the Website Care and Maintenance package assigned to their own hosting

[2.2] Hosting Information

The Service Hosting is provided by Nimbus Hosting:

  1. UK Data Centre
  2. UK Telephone & Email Support
  3. 100% Renewable Energy Hosting
  4. 24/7 Emergency Out-Of-Hours Support
    1. This emergency support only covers server and website outages, and heavy degradation of performance. The heavy degradation of performance would be based upon tests carried out by Nimbus. If no performance issues are found, then Nimbus aren’t liable to make any changes.
  5. Hosting Availability:
    1. In the event of hardware or infrastructure failure Nimbus have procedures and guarantees in place:
    2. Disaster Recovery: All server backups are stored offsite at another secure UK based Data Centre.

Hosting Features

  1. 28 Days of Daily Backups
  2. NimShield Firewall
  3. NimCache server caching
    1. Please note this was released in Nov 23. Figment are gradually introducing this cache layer.
  4. SSL Security
  5. Uptime Monitoring

[2.3] Care and Maintenance Information

Care and Maintenance packages cover:

  1. WordPress Upgrades
  2. WordPress Plugin Upgrades
  3. Support HelpDesk Access (support [at]
  4. Spam Protection
  5. WordPress Video Training (Optional)
  6. Google Analytics Support

Each Care and Maintenance package provides an allowance of support hours (please see The allowance can be used for any small website requests, for example:

  1. Adding Articles
  2. Image cropping, resizing and compression
  3. Plugin research and configuration
  4. Plugin conflicts
  5. Stylesheet changes
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Configuring forms
  8. Page re-directs and other SEO tweaks
  9. Google Search Console user experience issues
  10. WooCommerce help
  11. General WordPress questions and support

[2.4] Response Timeframes

Figment Agency categorise requests by urgency. Requests should primarily be made via support [at], but can be raised by telephone as well. Below are the timelines we utilise during operating hours (09:00-17:00):

Urgent (e.g. website outages, core functionality broken)
Acknowledgement: 1 hour
Follow Up Interval: 1 hour
Resolution: ASAP -> 2 hours

Important (e.g. performance degradation)
Acknowledgement: 2 hours
Resolution: 5 hours

Moderate (e.g. content changes)
Acknowledgement: 1 working day
Resolution: 3 working days

Outside of operating hours your server will be monitored by our hosting partner.

[2.5] Service Security

The Service utilises the following tools and processes:

  1. Only the Figment technical team and Nimbus Hosting have access to the root credentials of the server(s)
  2. Additional FTP/Database account access are IP locked, and set to timeout after 1 month (unless explicitly agreed with any Client that needs file access)
  3. Figment store all passwords in password encryption tools
  4. The Hosting has the NimShield firewall in place protecting from:
    1. Port Honeypot
    2. WAF
    3. DoS
    4. Malware

[3.1] Support Hours

  • Infrastructure & Network Services defined in this SLA will be supported on a 24x7x365 basis by Nimbus Hosting. The Client can be provided these contact details on request.
  • Figment live technical support is available from 09:00 – 17:00 UK Time across Monday to Friday. This excludes public holidays.
    • Outside normal coverage hours, Figment will work to resolve issues on a reasonable effort basis.

[3.2] Support Contacts & Escalation

  1. All Client requests should be sent to support [at] figmentagency [dot] com to enter Figment’s support ticket system
  2. In the event of an emergency, or to discuss a ticket further Client can call 020 3642 2228
  3. A Client can escalate a request or complaint to the Operations manager michael [at] figmentagency [dot] com
    1. In the event of the Client needing further escalation, then Steve or Emma should be called on 020 3642 2228

[4.1] Incident Management

An Incident is categorised as:

  1. 1 – 5 minute Server outage
  2. Plugin/Wordpress failure on a website

In the event of an Incident:

  1. If Server related:
    1. Issue to be raised in the Figment Server Restart Log
  2. Issue to be investigated, and outcome logged

A Major Incident is categorised as:

  1. Server Compromised
  2. Website Compromised
  3. > 5 Minute Server outage

In the event of an Major Incident:

  1. If Server related:
    1. Issue to be raised in the Figment Server Restart Log
  2. Incident Report to be generated for Client review:
    1. Incident Identification information
    2. Immediate Action Taken
    3. Further Remedial Actions
    4. Data/Customer Information Security Checks
    5. Additional Detail
    6. Outcome
    7. FAQ

[5.1] Responsibilities & Exclusions

Both parties agree to act with good intentions.

Figment Agency Responsibilities

  1. Figment will provide the services outlined in the SLA and will ensure that these services are consistently maintained to the agreed-upon standards.
  2. Figment will act as the owner, supplier, maintainer, and supporter of the Figment Services specified in the Client’s request, except in cases where Figment has engaged third parties to take on these responsibilities.
  3. Figment will handle the day-to-day management of the SLA and maintain open communication with the Client to facilitate the exchange of information between both parties.
  4. Figment will follow established internal processes and adhere to policies and standards.
  5. Figment will not make any changes to the systems or services offered without prior notification and approval from the Client.
  6. Figment will inform the Client in the event of any incidents that may impact the availability or performance of their applications.
Figment Exclusions
  1. Figment is not responsible for configurations that do not comply with our technology standards unless there is a specific exemption granted.
  2. Services without formal support agreements or contracts, including service availability and incident response times for IT/Network components managed by external vendors, are not within Figment’s responsibility.
Client Responsibilities
  1. The Client shall provide all necessary information, assistance, and instructions in a manner that enables Figment to meet performance standards. This includes giving adequate notice and disclosing all relevant information.
  2. The Client is required to participate in Major Incident and Problem review meetings as requested by Figment to help define the impact on services.
  3. The Client must notify the appropriate Figment team if there are changes in the business requirements that necessitate a review of the SLA.
  4. All issues, queries, and requests from the Client should be reported through the designated channels and processes.

APPENDIX A: Service Owners & Key Business Contacts

This document will be distributed as follows; each name on the distribution list has been identified as a Key Business Stakeholder in Figment Agency.

Name: Steve Grant
Role: Owner
Phone: 020 3642 2228
Email: steve [at] figmentagency [dot] com

Name: Michael Austin
Role: Operations Manager
Phone: 020 3642 2228
Email: michael [at] figmentagency [dot] com