Project Overview

Kola Project’s founder Maneesha Wijesinghe approached us in December 2020 seeking assistance with a bounty of objectives. As a start-up, the business was operating with limited funds, presenting us with the challenge of working on a low budget. However, with a track record of making clients’ budgets work and achieving successful outcomes despite limited investment where necessary, we felt confident that we could help the client realise her key goals, at very least.

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Services Provided

  • Managed SEO Campaign


Kola Project is an online retailer specialising in circular shopping, an upcoming concept based on a return and reuse program.

When they approached us initially, Google searches for their brand name were returning results for ‘Kola Superdeep Borehole’. So replacing this for the Kola Project website became a core objective.

Kola Project also wanted to become known as the brand that made circular shopping popular.

Our strategy

Following our proven 6-step SEO process, we started with in-depth research into the client’s market and audience demographic, allowing us to devise a roadmap that would achieve the client’s key objectives, whilst doing everything possible to optimise the limited budget.

The next step was to ensure we had the foundation required for a successful SEO campaign.

Setting strong foundations for SEO success

The client already had a website in development. It was down to Figment to ensure it was SEO-ready, so that our search marketing campaign would be built on the strongest possible foundations.

This involved analysing the website to detect any issues that would see it black-marked by Google. A number of glitches were identified, which our technical team went ahead and repaired. Now we were ready to get started on the ‘rank’ stage of our SEO process.

A multi-faceted SEO campaign aimed at an international audience

Our SEO campaign comprised a number of elements.

Firstly, on-page SEO. This included making sure all the site’s pages were optimised with our selected keywords, carefully researched to appeal to a global audience, and aligning with the client’s vision for the brand. Meta titles, descriptions and tags were all taken care of. We also ensured the web pages loaded quickly so as not to frustrate visitors, or Google.

Next came off-page SEO. This involved a backlink building campaign, aimed at boosting the search positions of the website by showing Google it held authority courtesy of relevant links coming in from other sites.

A content campaign was the final cog in the wheel of our SEO strategy.

Because the client was eager to boost the profile of this new brand, and because, in her own words, ‘circular economy is a novel concept’, storytelling and rich, explanatory content was important.

Founder Maneesha had drafted basic content for her biography and about pages, but requested assistance in polishing and perfecting them, and ensuring the key messages rang through.

Our copywriter took to the task by first researching the circular shopping concept and competitors, and studying the additional notes provided by the client to ensure a fully rounded understanding of the subject. The next step was to enhance and edit the content, whilst maintaining the brand’s tone of voice.

Job done, and the client was delighted with the results.

The next stage of the content campaign involved producing informational blogs on relevant sustainability topics, tying them in with circular shopping. A content plan was researched and formulated, which the client approved. A landing page covering the topic of sustainable homeware was also produced.

Initially, the client asked that all content was presented to her for approval as she was concerned about the subject matter being ‘novel’. However, after producing the first two posts, Maneesha agreed that our copywriter could proceed in publishing the monthly blogs without prior approval, commenting that the posts were ‘outstanding’.

Google Rankings

The two key objectives for Kola Project were:

  • To appear in the #1 Google position for the brand name
  • To become known for ‘circular shopping’

Both of these objectives were met within just six months of the campaign starting, with the brand name ranking at #1 in Google Search, and Kola Project ranking on Page One for the keyword, ‘circular shopping’.

Organic traffic growth

Over the course of the SEO campaign, organic traffic grew steadily, only dropping off at the point when our work for the client came to an end.

SEO results made simple

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