How to Use Digital Marketing Data to Your Advantage

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These days there is an abundance of digital marketing data available at our fingertips. But the question, is, how to use it to your advantage? How to turn data into actionable steps, so that business goals are achieved?

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I’ve talked before about how to effectively measure a digital marketing campaign. It’s so important that, when engaging a digital agency, Surrey, London and UK businesses in general understand how their campaigns will be measured so they can see whether they are getting a return on their investment and value for money. But now it’s time to delve a bit deeper, and look at how to take all those valuable metrics and use them to improve the success of your campaigns.

How to achieve a better return on investment using digital marketing data

Data has the power to drive business success. To increase profits, reduce costs and add value. By analysing data, it is possible to achieve an improved return on investment (ROI), and gather insights capable of formulating highly effective business strategies and influencing key decisions. And we’re not just talking in a digital marketing or even general marketing sense. We’re talking organisation-wide.

The vital thing when it comes to using digital marketing data to your advantage is to make certain you have the right data in the first place. And that includes whittling it down so that you’re not blinded by too much of it. Believe it or not, too much data isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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Too much data isn’t necessarily a good thing. Pick out the bits that mean the most.

The place to start is with those key performance indicators (KPIs) we spoke about before. If you need a reminder on how to choose and set KPIs, here’s the post. Whether it’s boosted web traffic, more customers, increased sales, enhanced brand awareness or business growth, these are the goals against which campaign performance will be measured.

Working alongside a digital marketing agency, London companies will see that KPIs make it a lot easier to set targets, and then measure performance based on those values. The data that shows how you’re doing on your KPIs is the very data that’s going to make all the difference to your business.

Digital marketing data in action: key examples

So let’s look at some examples of digital marketing data and what to do with it.

Audience profiles and behaviour

By studying data around the type of visitors that interact with your website or app, you can build profiles around the ones that engage the most, and then use these profiles in your targeting.

Data will also show you how a web visitor interacts and what the intent of their visit was. Everything from seasonal trends to customer habits and preferences can be gleaned, helping to shape future campaigns and promotions that are wholly relevant and will therefore deliver the best value.

Traffic sources

The device type your audience uses to interact with your business online is another important data set.

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Knowing where your web traffic comes from allows you to optimise your campaigns for the right channels.

Say you can see that most of your web visitors that fall into the millennials category are accessing your site on mobile, whilst your older visitors tend to use a PC. This will allow you to focus your efforts for the different audience sectors on the most appropriate channels, and optimise your content accordingly.



For any digital agency, one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing data is that which shows the search terms used by your audience when looking for the products or services offered by your business. Why is it so powerful? Because it allows you to target those exact search terms, and in doing so drive traffic to your site, and your social platforms too with the use of hashtags.

Keyword data will also reveal the types of searches people are making, in other words, their search intent. From the data, you’ll be able to see whether searches are informational, navigational, transactional, or investigative.

This is gold-dust level information, because it helps you optimise your content for search intent. For example, if keywords are informational, you’ll write a blog post. If it’s is transactional, you’ll create a product page. If it’s investigative, you could put a comparison table together. When working with an online marketing agency in London, businesses will soon learn that data has the power to hone campaigns so they are more targeted, way more effective and therefore more likely to deliver the best possible return on investment.

Ready to use digital marketing and all its data to your advantage, with help from a digital agency Surrey businesses highly recommend?

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