How Digital Marketing Can Increase Sales

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Steve is a founder of Figment, a multi award-winning UK-based SEO agency helping clients connect with new customers online to achieve healthy and sustainable business growth. Having advised over 200 business owners, Steve combines a strong commercial background with Figment’s innovative SearchRank 360™ approach and specialist team to deliver simple, cost-effective results. His ability to lead by example and inspire his team is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. As a former Apple consultant and first-class Brunel graduate in Multimedia Technology and Design, Steve brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and marketing strategy to create tailored SEO campaigns that deliver results. Outside of work, Steve is a devoted family man, accomplished jazz pianist, and talented artist. With his friendly and professional approach, Figment's founder is not only an industry expert but also a true asset to any business seeking to make its mark in the online world.

How can digital marketing agency increase sales? It’s a fair question. But if you are serious about increasing your sales and growing your business, then knowing how digital marketing can help you is crucial. Because if you ever wondered how going digital with your marketing would actually make a difference, and you needed convincing that it was worth the investment, we’re here to provide you with the evidence you need to make a positive decision to get moving with a few proven online marketing strategies.

How can digital marketing increase sales

Can digital marketing really increase sales?

It sure can. There are so many facets to digital marketing, that at some point, you are going to find at least one, if not many more, that will work for you.

The thing about digital marketing is that it…

  • Can be fully tailored to your audience, your brand, and your goals
  • Allows you to express your brand personality
  • Gets you engaging with your brand fans
  • Gives you the opportunity to really define and hone your ideal customer
  • Lets you reach customers just at the right moment
  • Makes it a breeze to use sales funnels to nurture leads
  • Allows you to see what your competitors are doing, and then do it even better
  • Provides you with highly valuable data and analytics, allowing you to better refine your campaigns and drive superior results
  • Lets you give things a try with split testing and segmentation, so you can funnel your budget into what works best
  • Makes it possible to reach out to a wider or even global audience
  • Allows you to automate certain marketing strategies, saving you valuable time
  • Lets you cross-sell and upsell easily, using artificial intelligence to make automated, relevant recommendations
  • Helps boost online visibility, which means more people find you, so there’s a greater chance of netting more sales

How can a company use digital marketing to increase sales?

Once you’ve invested in a great site for your business, you need to show it to people. A website will never promote itself or get itself ranked at top of the search engines on its own. Think of it like this… a website without digital marketing is like printing brochures then leaving them in the box.

Bearing in mind there are more than 1.7 billion websites on the World Wide Web, you can safely consider yours a mere speck of dust in the scheme of things. So, if your goal is to generate enquiries, build brand awareness and increase sales, digital marketing is a must.

Why is digital marketing so effective?

Digital marketing is proven to be cost effective, providing the strategies you use are tailored to your specific audiences and goals.

It is one of the best ways of driving a decent return on investment (ROI), because you have so much more control over how you use it, compared to traditional marketing methods such as print and radio advertising.

Digital marketing has been a lifeline to countless businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. With so many non-essential businesses forced to close to visitors, the fact they were able to take their services online and reach out to an online audience really was their saving grace.

How can digital marketing increase sales

Digital marketing has been a lifeline to countless businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it’s organic SEO, email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, influencer marketing or affiliate marketing, there are strategies that will be perfect for your business, and that can be tailored to help you achieve your business growth goals.

Looking to increase online sales with digital marketing? Look to Figment.

Since 2006, the team at Figment has been working closely with businesses across Surrey and London, designing specialist digital marketing strategies that are tailored to not just meet, but exceed expectations.

Our track record in digital marketing and specifically organic SEO company is well-proven. If you’d like to talk to us about getting your business found online with a well-planned strategy, please do get in touch.

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