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Did you know that 50% of all mobile web users rely on their phones as their primary or exclusive internet source? And that 72% of tablet owners buy something using their tablets EVERY week? And that 57% of mobile internet users will refuse to recommend a business that’s got a poorly designed mobile website? Can you afford NOT to have a mobile optimised website?

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Responsive web design is a fairly new phenomenon. It’s all about creating a website that automatically responds to the device it’s being displayed on. So whether you’re viewing a site on a Galaxy tablet or an HTC smart phone, or on a laptop or desktop, it will deliver the optimal visitor experience.

Do you have a Mobile Optimised Website?

You can check if your website is responsive by opening it up in a desktop browser and shrinking the width. If it just gets smaller or shows a bottom scroll bar then chances are it won’t display well on an iPhone, an iPad or any smart phone or tablet, and could cause serious frustration for users. If this is the case, bearing in mind all the statistics we’ve mentioned – and there are plenty more – you could seriously be missing out on business.

Why Use us for Responsive Web Design?

  • Exceptional quality standards for the best possible mobile experience
  • Extensive cross platform testing across Apple, Samsung & HTC
  • Seamless upgrade to responsive with no downtime
  • Expert layout design so mobile version is in-keeping with desktop version
  • Fast turnaround – most responsive upgrades ready in 3-4 weeks
  • Affordable – our service is more cost effective than you may think

Fully Customised Mobile Optimised Websites

It’s vital your customers enjoy the best possible experience when viewing your website on any platform they choose. Our meticulous quality standards and fully bespoke responsive web design service mean this will happen every time. Happy customers mean increased sales so we’ll make sure there is absolutely no compromise on their satisfaction when browsing your site.

Extensive testing is very important to ensure responsive websites display and function optimally across all devices. So we conduct thorough testing on the Apple iPhone and iPad and across all Samsung Galaxy and HTC devices. Nothing is left to chance.

Time to Upgrade to a Mobile Optimised Website?

Our responsive web design service is suitable for any site, regardless of whether we created the desktop version. The transition is seamless – no downtime – and we can usually have your mobile optimised website ready within 3-4 weeks.

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Source of all statistics quoted: Super Monitoring

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