How to Create Micro-Moment Content

Micro-moments are what Google defines as the point at which we look to solve immediate problems. And we expect immediate solutions.

What this all means is that people are turning in their droves to whatever internet enabled device they have to hand to answer the questions that arise ‘in the moment’. Google says that these are the moments that are driving our buying decisions, and that anyone with a product or service to sell should be taking advantage by becoming a problem solving platform.

According to Google, 91 per cent of smartphone users turn to their devices for ideas whilst they are working on a task and 1 in 3 young adults say they have made a purchase as a result of watching a how-to video.

Question, answer, asking.

Micro-moments are clearly highly important marketing opportunities. But how to make the most of them?

What platforms to use?

The starting point is working out how your potential customers like to receive the sort of information associated with what you do or sell. These platforms will usually be written guides, how-to videos or map searches. The great news is that any business of any size can compete in this arena, even with the most rudimentary tools.

What issues to address?

Research and planning are essential here. Start by taking a look at the type of content that is being shared around your target audience. What are people asking about on forums? What questions are being posed on social media? What’s getting the most shares or views?

One way to find out for sure what your customers want to know is to ask them directly. A customer survey designed to ask if there is anything particularly challenging they regularly face, or something they would like to learn more about, could prove very revealing.

What to include in your content?

When producing your content, keep one VERY important rule in mind: NEVER make it a sales pitch. The minute you start to sell, your readers or viewers will switch off. Focus on making your content useful with the core aim of solving the immediate ‘micro moment’ problem. Of course it needs to be relevant to what you do or sell, but whatever you put out there must be solely information-based.

For example, if you are in the business of replacement sash windows, your research may show that people are looking for advice on how to preserve the period look whilst boosting energy efficiency and security. Your video could show the fitting of replacement glass and security locks, emphasising the resulting finish and demonstrating how the improvements work in practice.

Micro-moments are happening NOW

Micro-moments are happening right now. Whatever products or services you sell, there will be a problem or challenge someone is facing associated with them. Find out what those problems or challenges are, address them with information-based content, and you will be opening very advantageous sales channels.

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