Digital Marketing in 2024 – Data Suggests a Strong Comeback

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Summary: As 2024 marks a turning point for digital marketing, businesses are urged to embrace data-driven targeting, agile marketing practices, and the latest technologies. This shift is crucial for capitalising on the industry’s recovery and ensuring sustainable growth.

In 2024, the digital marketing sphere is experiencing a positive shift, signalling a robust recovery and the promise of exciting opportunities ahead. 

2023 was tough on the digital marketing landscape. Digital ad spending fell short of expectations, particularly in the first half of the year. Despite initial forecasts predicting a 9.5% growth, marginally higher than the 2022 figures, the reality painted a less optimistic picture marked by reductions, notably in SEO investments. This was partially due to the escalating advertising costs, and partially due to the economic pressures businesses are facing globally. 

“Based on our partnerships with other London agencies, and the leading digital agency groups in the UK (such as GYDA (Grow Your Digital Agency) & The Agency Collective), businesses in the UK often view marketing as a cost during tough times, leading to a short-term “batten down the hatches” mindset. In contrast, American businesses tend to double down on marketing in difficult periods, considering it essential for long-term growth.” – Steve Grant, Founder at Figment Agency

Specifically for the UK, 2024 marks a turning point, with trends and statistics pointing towards a full recovery.

Digital Marketing Trends 2024: The Digital Marketing Comeback

As we step into 2024, the landscape is shifting. The Insider Intelligence Report 2024 projects an optimistic upturn in digital ad spending, indicating a broader resurgence of confidence across the industry.

  • An expected surge in Digital Ad spending. Digital ad spending is projected to cross the $750 billion mark, a clear indicator of renewed confidence in digital marketing ad space.
  • Digital will take the lead.  Worldwide ad spending growth will be nearly 10% in 2024, with nearly 70% of the projected $992 billion global ad spend dedicated to digital. We’re seeing a strategic realignment favouring digital channels which will see a spending increase of more than 13%—well above its 2022 and 2023 growth rates.
  • The continued dominance of the big players. Giants like Google, Meta, and Amazon are not just holding their ground; they’re expanding their influence, expected to command around 58% of global digital ad spending. 
  • The rise of organic platforms. The move towards platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels is reshaping engagement dynamics, urging businesses to explore beyond traditional boundaries, but that doesn’t mean the big giants are losing relevance. 

Observing the upward trajectory in digital marketing, it’s evident that the tide is turning. 

Digital Marketing in 2024 A Strong Comeback

What It Means for Brands and Businesses?

The projected surge in total media ad spending – nearly 10% in 2024, culminating in an astounding $992 billion – is more than just numbers. 

It’s a clear indicator of where the market’s confidence lies – with digital marketing and SEO. With almost 70% of this investment expected to be spent on digital advertising, this isn’t just growth; it’s a strategic shift. 

This trend underscores a profound belief in the power and efficacy of digital marketing, signalling a decisive move towards a more digitally oriented future in advertising.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Digital Marketing

The current trend underlines a crucial lesson: digital marketing will become even more relevant in 2024 for strategic business growth. 

Businesses that recognise this and invest in digital marketing are poised for faster recovery and growth as the market picks up. 

Want to build a resilient, future-proof business? Invest in digital marketing for sustainable, long-term visibility. 

Invest in Emerging Technologies

Explore new tools and platforms to stay at the forefront of digital marketing. Leverage AI-driven analytics and the latest developments in programmatic advertising to gain a competitive edge.

Develop Agile Marketing Strategies

Acknowledge the ever-changing nature of the digital landscape. Implement agile and flexible marketing strategies to adapt to market changes and emerging trends swiftly.

Data-Driven Targeting

Utilise advancements in data analytics to enhance your paid advertising strategies. Analyse user behaviour and preferences to create targeted, personalised ad campaigns that effectively resonate with your audience.

As the industry evolves, so must the strategies of businesses and marketers. The focus should be on innovative engagement, data-driven decision-making, agile marketing and embracing new platforms.


As we look back at 2023 and ahead to 2024, the message is clear: digital marketing is an indispensable tool in the business arsenal, especially in challenging economic times. This year presents an opportunity for businesses to embrace digital marketing not as a cost, but as a catalyst for growth and recovery.

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