Geha Bedrooms

Website for one of the UK’s leading modern bedroom suppliers, showcasing exceptional quality through simplicity.


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I like the way they learn about our products; they put themselves in our customers’ shoes, take time to understand our audience, and then develop a fitting customer journey

– Daniel Burman

How do you showcase exceptional quality and ultra modern trends so as to faithfully reflect a product range?

The Brief

Celebrated for their highly contemporary designs and exceptional German furniture, Geha Bedrooms is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading modern bedroom suppliers.

With such a contemporary product, the marketing platform needs to be fitting. We developed Geha’s original website back in 2004, styling to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, ensuring the right balance of style and clarity and making sure it was a website ‘that worked’.

The Story

When it was time to refashion the website in readiness to showcase the latest collections, Geha asked us for creative ideas and inspiration.

We felt the best way to showcase this level of quality and inspire visitor desire was to keep things as simple as possible; a design that doesn’t detract from the focus on the stunning imagery, backed up with simple messages to reinforce Geha’s nationally renowned dedication to quality, customer care and after sales service.

The Result

Simplistic style; focus in the right areas; an improved customer journey from inspire to desire to reinforcement of Geha’s core philosophy.