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SEO Examples

There’s a great deal of SEO advice out there, telling you how to do this, and how not to do that. But maybe not so much that includes SEO examples and tangible results. So let’s change that.

Here we’ve picked out three of our top SEO strategies. We’ve explained why we used them, and the results we achieved by including them in our clients’ campaigns, hopefully helping you better understand how it’s possible to enhance search engine rankings and boost organic traffic, with real life SEO examples.

SEO Example #1 – Location Landing Pages

Location landing pages – pages optimised for a particular geographical location – show the search engines that a website has authority in local areas. They help create more qualified leads, with higher conversion rates, and more sales. When it comes to local SEO, they’re a very powerful strategy.

There are many benefits of location landing pages, not least to help potential customers find you at their closest location.

Local consumers usually purchase at a higher rate. According to Act-On, “18 per cent of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day, compared to 7 per cent of non-local searches.”

Whenever we’re looking to get a client’s business ranked for local keywords, we include location landing pages in their SEO campaigns.

SEO examples using location landing pages

PC Docs is an IT support specialist covering London and Hertfordshire. They came to us wanting relevant leads, which meant careful targeting was a must.

A key element of our strategy included location landing pages, targeting areas of London and Hertfordshire that we identified as top potential for new PC Docs clients.

SEO examples

One of the landing pages we created and wrote for PC Docs

Combined with other local SEO tactics, including local citation building, the strategy was a success. Organic traffic increased by 38% in just twelve months, and Google rankings grew significantly, leading to the client appearing on Google Page One for 72 keywords, and commanding 25 spots in Google’s top 3. The business is now enjoying increased local and relevant leads from its target locations.

SEO examples

PC Docs rankings growth over time

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SEO Example #2 – Google Business Profile Optimisation

Your Google Business Profile counts for a quarter of local SEO ranking factors. It’s hugely important for getting into the Map Pack results, the map box that appears at top of the page for a locally based search. Getting into the Map Pack top three is the ultimate way to generate new local business and boost sales.

93% of Google searches display the Google Map Pack in the number one position. This makes it crucial for locally based or serving businesses to have a strong Map Pack presence.

Using Google Business Profile optimisation tactics, it’s possible to boost online visibility for local and ‘near me’ searches. Tactics include ensuring your business information is complete, adding keywords and search phrases to your business description, posting images, managing and responding to customer reviews and regularly publishing posts, offers, events, products, and SEO services in London.

Here’s a great guide to setting up and optimising your Google Business Profile.

SEO examples using Google Business Profile optimisation

Partridge Muir & Warren is a chartered financial planning company based in Surrey and covering a wider geographical reach into Berkshire, Hampshire and Sussex.

Our Google Business Profile optimisation strategy allowed us to achieve excellent visibility for local and ‘near me’ searches within the client’s target geographical regions, presenting them as the go-to financial planners locally.

Now, with 32 top three rankings in Google Maps, PMW has secured its online reputation. And with 37% growth in organic traffic, they are also enjoying a steady flow of new clients from their website, and have been able to switch off their paid advertising campaign as a result.

SEO examples

PMW in Google Maps

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SEO Example #3 – Building an SEO friendly website from the ground up

When you’re investing in SEO campaigns, you’re going to need a strong foundation. In other words, a website that’s primed and ready to support your campaign. Without this foundation, you’ll likely find that your SEO efforts take longer to start working. Sometimes, they might not even work at all.

In some cases, a website redesign is sufficient. But only if all the background workings of your site are in good working order, you have access to edit the site, and the technology it was originally built on is still current. If that’s not the case, you’ll probably need a full website rebuild for SEO.

As well as focusing on SEO when building a website, it’s also important to make sure you factor in other business goals, such as brand and reputation building. Taking time to plan a website strategy is important so that every base is covered.

SEO examples using SEO website design and build

Specialist London lettings agent homes2let was looking to transform its online presence, and rank in specific areas of London for its niche service offering, guaranteed rent for landlords.

We had a no-holds barred SEO and PPC campaign planned, but first we identified a need for that all-important foundation: a new website. So we set to work creating a website that was fully optimised to tick all the right boxes with Google, including providing a smooth user experience, speedy page loading, and ultra-clean code.

The foundation did us proud as a good SEO website example as, in the first six months of our tailored SEO campaign, the client saw a considerable increase in organic traffic. 1678% to be precise! On top of this, the business was also enjoying 40 Google Page 1 rankings, with 21 top three spots. And within 20 months of the campaign starting, those Page 1 rankings had hit 57, and the top three spots had doubled to 44, all leading to a flood of enquiries.

homes2let website traffic growth over time

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An important note about our SEO examples

We feel it’s important to point out that, for every one of our SEO examples, we used a blend of tactics and expertise.

The results we achieved came from personalised strategies that were regularly reviewed and realigned to ensure we were on track to meet the individual business goals of each client.

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