Best Way to Increase Organic Traffic: 6 Top Tips for SEO That Works

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You know that for your business to be found online and rank above your competitors, you need to be doing some form of SEO. Granted, there’s a science to it and plenty of technical stuff that needs to happen in the background and code of your site that you may not be too conversant with. But there are also some fairly simple things that will help get organic traffic to a website which, if you have the time and the inclination, you could give a shot yourself. So let’s take a look at the best way to increase organic traffic. At very least, if you’re using an SEO agency in London, then you’ll need to make sure they’re doing these things for you.

Best way to increase organic traffic

1. Think about visitors, not just search engines

It’s important to remember that user experience counts for a great deal, so be sure to optimise your site for visitors as well as the search engines. In other words, make sure your content reads well and resonates with potential customers, rather than being overly stuffed with awkward-sounding keywords.

A website with pages that load quickly, that visitors are happy to spend time on and that people can easily find their way around will impress users, whilst at the same time naturally boosting SEO and improving organic traffic. Because SEO and user experience go hand in hand.

2. Add quality content, regularly

One of the best ways to improve organic traffic is to write regular blogs. Whilst your main web pages may contain overview content that’s easy for visitors to scan read, your blog is where you can go into detail, creating helpful, relevant, in-depth content that answers questions and acts as an information resource for visitors.

This type of content will provide the opportunity for your website to rank well for your focus keywords, as well as being shareable, which means you’ll get lots of great inbound links, which are a big plus point when it comes to how to bring organic traffic to your website.

The content needs to be useful to visitors though, and must do a good job of answering the questions that users are asking. Poorly written, keyword-stuffed content will have the opposite effect, so be sure to focus only on producing high quality material.

Best way to increase organic traffic

One of the best ways to improve organic traffic is to write regular blogs.

3. Carefully select your keywords

When choosing your focus keywords, don’t simply opt for the most popular ones in your market. Instead, select the ones that are more specific to your product or service. This will over time help to establish your website as an authority resource for your niche, which will help to boost your search engine rankings, and attract the right audience for what you sell.

Long tail keywords, which are in actual fact phrases rather than single words, are the ones that people use when they are trying to find information, so those are the type you want to focus on.

Be sure to use related keywords to help Google understand what your content is about. You can use Google Trends to help with this.

4. Add meta tags

Meta tags are the unseen force behind SEO. They are one of the key on-page ranking factors and are known to improve organic SEO. Meta tags ensure search engines and browsers display your content in the search engine results pages in the way you want users to see it.

Our guide to meta tags and how to use them to attract organic traffic will take you through all the various tags, how to add them to your content, and how to write them so that they are fully optimised for SEO success.

How to use Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags are the unseen force behind SEO, known to improve organic SEO.

5. Include internal links in your content

As you write your content, be sure to interlink relevant web pages and blogs, just as we’ve been doing in this post. This really helps to guide visitors to related content, an can help to keep them on your site for longer, increasing dwell time and signalling to Google that your site is useful resource and relevant to the user’s search query.

Do use internal links in moderation, however. If you use too many, your content could start to look spammy.

6. Build inbound links

The more, good quality inbound links you have coming into your site from trustworthy sources, the higher your site will rank because it will be considered more authoritative. This is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic, and an organic SEO agency can help you develop an effective link-building strategy.

Word of warning though… you’ll need to avoid spammy links, because Google looks on them negatively, especially following the recent link spam update.

Tip: You can easily boost inbound links yourself by sharing your content across social media and adding it to bookmarking sites.

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