4 Ways to tell you are due for a Complete Website Overhaul

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Is your website delivering the leads and sales you need to grow your business? Does it support you when it comes to competing in your marketplace? Or are you losing sales and seeing your reputation suffer due to an out of date website?

Research dictates that most people think less of a business that doesn’t have an up to date website, and many would think twice about buying products or services from a business whose website isn’t current. With this in mind, here are four ways to tell you are due for a complete website overhaul.

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1.     Your site isn’t mobile friendly

Google has recently made a full shift to mobile-first indexing. What does this mean? Now, a website’s search engine ranking positions now depend on how Google finds the experience on mobile, rather than on a desktop browser.

Dated websites that were not designed around the mobile user experience, or those with a separate mobile version, are now due for an upgrade to responsive design. This is the format preferred by Google, which means if your site isn’t responsive, you will have a reduced chance of landing those top search engine spots.

Responsive websites automatically scale their content to suit the size of the screen they are being viewed on. So instead of scrolling and zooming and struggling to see all the content, users enjoy a pleasant browsing experience, whatever device they are viewing your site on. So, the consequences of a non-mobile friendly website don’t just stop at reduced search engine visibility. Frustrated users could also result, which could lead to reputation damage.

2.     Your site wasn’t built with SEO in mind

One of the biggest web design mistakes business owners make is failing to consider search engine optimisation from the start. If your website isn’t designed to support search success, then you will be unlikely to enjoy a flow of organic leads.

If your site doesn’t feature the likes of fast loading pages, an SSL certificate, rich content and keyword-optimised meta tags and descriptions, and isn’t using up to date coding methods and structured data such as Schema, then you are going to be missing out on search engine success, because these are all elements that Google and other search engines look for when ranking websites.

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Modern websites are built with SEO in mind

3.     You are not getting leads or sales from your site

For most business owners, the whole point of a website is to create a flow of leads and sales. So, if that just isn’t happening, it could be time to look at engaging an agency that offers bespoke website design services.

Maybe your website did deliver leads when it was first designed, but they’ve now dropped off? This could be because the site is no longer considered user friendly or up to date by visitors. It could be that the technology is now outdated, that it’s not mobile friendly, or because it was built around old, ‘black hat’ search engine optimisation strategies.

Whatever the reason for the lack of leads, a website overhaul will give you a fresh start and with bespoke web design that is tailored to your individual business goals, you will have the very best chance of seeing that flow of enquiries rekindled.

4.     It’s a pain trying to update your site or add new content

If you’ve got to the point where you just don’t bother updating your website because the mere thought of it fills you with dread, this is a sure sign it is time for a website upgrade.

Modern websites are a breeze to update. With sites built on WordPress for example, it is incredibly straightforward to amend content, add new pages and blogs and manage media such as images and videos.

Google expects to see fresh content added to a website on a regular basis. It’s a signal that the site is current, and this will go a long way towards your search engine success. If you are finding it a challenge to add or update your content, then it has to be time for a new website.

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