What Every Business Should Know About Website Maintenance

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Web development agency London on website maintenance

What is website maintenance? Why is it so important? You may be surprised to learn that all sorts of things are going on in the background of your website that you may never know about. Until, that is, you get an email telling you your site is down, or a page link isn’t working. Or your online store orders all of a sudden dry up. Or you stop getting enquiry forms through.

As a web development agency, London businesses rely on us to make sure their websites are up and running one hundred per cent of the time. To ensure their pages are loading without errors. To make certain that all the things that affect search engine optimisation, like page loading speed, SSL security and device compatibility are all ticked boxes, and that the site remains secure and up to date at all times.

Website care and maintenance is so much more than just hosting and back-ups. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about website maintenance.

What you need to know about website maintenance

The thing about website maintenance is that businesses only tend to realise how important it is when something either goes wrong with their website, or when they are not getting the return on investment they expected.

So perhaps it’s easier to explain the importance of website care and maintenance in terms of what might happen if you don’t invest in it.

Without website maintenance, you might…

Waste precious time

Let’s face it, how many of us have time to waste when running a business? Say your website runs into a glitch. Do you have the knowledge to delve into its inner workings to sort it out? How many hours would you waste even attempting it? Probably the same amount we’d fritter away if we were trying to resolve an issue with the boiler, electrics or plumbing in our homes.

Things like system bugs have the power to bring a website to a standstill. Without a website maintenance contract, you’d be left to spend your precious time trying to sort something out that you really don’t understand.

Put your business at risk

A website that’s not properly maintained can easily become prone to security issues. Malware, hacks and data breaches could cost your business dear in terms of damaged reputation, not to mention fines.

Your content management system, whether that’s WordPress or anything else, needs to be regularly updated. Many of the updates will be security related. Others will be feature enhancements. A lack of both will put your business at risk from a security point of view which could lead to costly data protection issues. Competitive edge may also suffer.

What’s more, regular back-ups and uptime monitoring ensure the integrity of your website, so that it’s always ready to help you make an online sale. Take those away, and you open yourself up to even more risk.

Web development agency London reducing risk through professional website care

Fail to meet your business goals

Without website performance being constantly measured, how will you ever know if your investment in bespoke web design is working? That your business goals are being met?

A website maintenance plan helps you get the most out of your site. It keeps constant tabs on site speed, security and other factors that build trust with Google so that you can enjoy boosted search traffic and enhanced growth.

Website maintenance from Figment, the website development agency London businesses trust for continued results

As an experienced web design company, London businesses rely on us to maintain their online visibility, help them get the most out of their investment, and keep them on track to achieve their business goals.

Our website care and hosting service delivers exceptional benefits. Choose from five packages designed to suit a range of budgets. All packages include a support desk and allowance, bug fixes, expert consultations, WordPress upgrades and WordPress video training. Other options include Google Analytics and WooCommerce support, priority and out of hours support and a dedicated webmaster.

To discover how London web design agency Figment can help you get the most out of your bespoke web design investment, you are welcome to get in touch with our friendly team.

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