Pro Electric Scooters

Pro Electric Scooters is the UK’s biggest electric scooter retailer, ranked as the UK’s #1 official electric scooter store. But this wasn’t the case when they came to us in 2021 as a new business looking to make waves online. And waves they made, racing from zero to £1 million turnover in less than a year, courtesy of a results-driven ecommerce SEO strategy.

Services Provided

  • Ecommerce SEO for Shopify

Revving up for Success.

Pro Electric Scooters is a company founded on the principle of delivering first class service and products at competitive prices.

As a new business, they appreciated there was heaps to do if they were going to capture a share of the rapidly growing electric scooter market and hit their sales targets. They needed specialist ecommerce SEO expertise and a team that shared their vision. And that’s what prompted them to approach Figment for help.

The Pro Electric Scooters online store had been set up by the client on a Shopify ecommerce platform. When we ran a detailed analysis of the site, it was clear there were a host of issues that could hold it back from ranking in the search engines. Issues that might also negatively affect user experience too.

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform, but there are certain kinks that need ironing out if you’re really going to get the most out of it. From automatically created duplicate content and messy structure to speed-draining background apps, there’s a lot that can impact on user experience and search performance.

So our tech team got on the case, tweaking the site to improve its structure and speed. We also added Schema Markup to maximise click-throughs from the search results, translating search appearances into valuable site visits.

Technical detail taken care of and Core Web Vitals boxes ticked, we were ready to move onto the next stage. It was time to start accelerating Pro Electric Scooters up the search rankings, and driving organic traffic.

Zipping up the Search Results with a
Customised SEO and Content Strategy.

Content plays a vital role when it comes to boosting search engine rankings. Ahead of starting our own fresh content creation campaign for the site, we worked closely with the client to enrich the site’s existing content, making it more attractive to the search engines, and improving user experience.

Individual products and categories were given the optimisation treatment, polishing meta tags, perfecting keyword density and improving crucial internal linking. A link building campaign attracted essential inbound links, boosting the authority of the site and showing Google it meant business.

And it worked. In just nine months, Pro Electric Scooters had gone from zero visibility to over 7,100 Google positions. 76% of these were Page One rankings, and 36 were in the top three.

Turnover Hits the Fast Lane as Organic Traffic Excels.

From boosted online visibility came a massive month-on-month increase in organic traffic of 35%. And all this in just nine months. These results had made a significant difference to Pro Electric Scooters, who a year on from campaign launch, where they’d started at zero, are now turning over £1 million.


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