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Enjoying search engine success and all the benefits Page One rankings bring? Then without doubt you’ll want to stay at the top. And with SEO maintenance services from Figment, that’s precisely what’s going to happen.

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Maintain your Page #1 rankings and enjoy continued search engine success

Now you’ve achieved the lion’s share of search engine visibility, you’ll be enjoying more enquiries and a nice boost in sales. So what’s next? Whilst you probably don’t need to maintain any investment you put into securing those search engine top spots, sitting back and doing nothing simply isn’t an option. Because if you’re not making the effort to maintain your rankings, you might find yourself outranked by your competitors.

Our monthly SEO maintenance plan is designed to keep you sitting pretty above the competition, so you can continue to enjoy all the rewards of Page One search positions.

Maintaining rankings and reducing risk with ongoing SEO maintenance

Search engine rankings are far from permanent. It’s vital that you don’t forget that just as you took over a top spot from a competitor, so they can do the same to you.

Our SEO maintenance packages are designed to keep a close eye on your website’s organic health, maintaining the rankings and Google Map Pack positions you’ve achieved, and reducing the risk of dropping below your competitors.

So, on a monthly basis, our technical SEO specialists will deep-crawl your site, seeking out and blitzing any issues that could lead to a drop in rankings. Whether it’s broken links, duplicate content or page loading delays, problems like these can push a website off Page One, which can significantly reduce online visibility.

We’ll also continue with vital link and citation building, as well as keeping tabs on your link profiles to make sure everything is doing the job it should be to keep you at the top of Google.

Keeping you where you belong – right in front of your audience

Keyword monitoring forms a core part of our SEO maintenance checklist. This is important, because it shows how well your site and landing pages are ranking for your focus keywords. It’s vital to keep tabs on how the position of your site may change over time, and to see how other sites are competing by upping their games.

Being aware of what’s going on means we can take steps to deal with any challenges on your current positions, before they drop too far.

It’s all about keeping you right in front of your audience, where you’ve got used to being.

Search results on Page Two only get 6% of clicks

Imagine a drop from a Page One position to Page Two, where the results only get 6% of clicks. You’ll seriously lose visibility, and will notice a distinct drop in traffic.

With a monthly SEO maintenance plan, you have a much improved chance of staying on Page One and keeping your Google Map Pack positions.

It’s important to know that the algorithms that power search engines like Google are constantly being updated. Google launches thousands of updates every year, ranging from minor tweaks to major changes that influence SEO strategies.

So, if you’re not investing in SEO and website maintenance, you could be leaving your site vulnerable. A page of your website that’s slow to load and doesn’t fall in line with current search engine best practice could considerably damage your overall search positions. This type of thing is precisely what we’re on the trail of as part of our monthly SEO maintenance services.

Why use Figment for ongoing SEO maintenance?

  1. Proven Results

  2. Unique Blend of Skills

  3. Proven SEO Process

  4. Best Practice SEO

  5. Clear Reporting

  6. KPI Dashboard

  • Proven Results

    Proven Results

    A host of number 1 spots secured on Google for numerous competitive keywords AND continued traffic growth month on month, year on year.

  • Unique Blend of Skills

    Unique Blend of Skills

    Blending marketing, creative and technical skills with business knowhow helps us maximise results, so you get the very best for your budget.

  • Proven SEO Process

    Proven SEO Process

    Our results-driven process helps us achieve outstanding SEO results. Plus you get to see precisely what we’ll be doing for you, and when.

  • Best Practice SEO

    Best Practice SEO

    Wave goodbye to spammy SEO. Everything we do complies with Google best practice for the best possible rankings and least likelihood of penalties.

  • Clear Reporting

    Clear Reporting

    Each month you'll receive tailored reports and updates on your KPIs so you can clearly see how well your SEO campaign is progressing.

  • KPI Dashboard

    KPI Dashboard

    Our easy-view dashboard keeps all your key data in one place, so you can monitor your campaign progress and SEO results in real time.

Push back against the competition, with SEO maintenance services from Figment

With businesses increasingly investing in ongoing SEO, it is more important than ever to keep up. If you want to remain competitive, and stay visible in the search engines, you need to maintain your website, and your SEO strategy. So, if continuous growth is on your agenda, it’s time to seriously consider investing in an SEO monthly maintenance plan.

What Our Clients Say

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    Barry Bros Security

    100% growth in web traffic. Visitor numbers continuously rising. Google Page 1 for 55 competitive keywords. Here’s how we’ve kept this London security expert on top for more than five years.

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    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

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  • Jubaid OH
    Jubaid Uddin
    “Been working with them for just over a year now and can see major improvement to my websites SEO - highly recommend. Very hands on approach and willing to answer anything I may have confusion about. Bottom line - My SEO rankings have increased drastically so I am a happy customer. Thanks Steve & Persia :)”
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  • Darya
    Darya Kolas
    “We have been with Figment for over a year and love them! We now have a different problem - too much new business!”
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  • Image
    Adryan Cresswell
    A useful and thorough review of our website which highlighted areas that were strong as well as areas that required improvement. The follow up call service was also thorough and it feels Figment have a genuine wish to help improve conversion rates and AOVs. Some great ideas transpired from this!
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  • 2D Logo
    Jo Jenkins
    “Figment have been absolutely fantastic in helping us work on our SEO. They have improved the functionality of our website and are always on hand to provide expert advice, brilliant support and offer recommendations on how to further improve the website. Their reports are clear and concise and their willingness to help puts them above other SEO companies that we have worked with in the past.”
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  • Daniel Parker
    “We were very happy with Steve and Emma and the whole Figment team. The service was so helpful and charming and always there when we needed them. It was a joy and everything we asked to be achieved was done... we would highly recommend Figment and we will be back for more... Thank you to you all.”
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    Sophie Neil
    Fantastic and patient support. The team listen carefully to the brief and make the task in hand feel very achievable. They are both top of their game technically and very innovative, always aware of current trends and new developments. I feel lucky to be on their books. They are very approachable and always more than happy to help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need an SEO maintenance plan?

    SEO is not a one-and-done thing. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, and websites need to adapt in order to stay in line with current best practice.

    Where fresh content is being added to a website, especially an ecommerce website, it is vital to make sure that the content itself, plus its permalinks and meta data, are all structured in line with the latest search engine guidance. It’s also vital to detect any broken links, which can occur over time, and to make sure that any recently added media is well-optimised and not slowing your site down.

    In a nutshell, if you’re not investing in keeping your website on Page One or in the Google Map Pack top three, your competitors could well seize the opportunity to steal those positions from you.

    Consider monthly SEO maintenance an investment in risk management. Avoiding the risk of losing your top search engine positions to a competitor, and suffering a devastating drop in traffic, and sales.

  • How much does a SEO monthly maintenance plan cost?

    Depending on the SEO maintenance package you choose and the number of tracked keywords included, you can expect to invest upwards of £495 per month plus VAT. Because SEO is ever-changing, we dynamically apply our resources to maximise the results within your budget. So you get to enjoy exceptional value, and the reassurance of a campaign that will keep you in front of your online audience.

  • What is included in your monthly SEO maintenance plan?

    We offer a comprehensive ongoing SEO maintenance service, which includes a deep data crawl, website metrics, site monitoring and bug fixes, ongoing link acquisition and citation building, link profile reviews and keyword monitoring.

    You’ll get a monthly report, and access to a KPI dashboard so you can see in real time how your SEO maintenance plan is performing.