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The Neuro-Muscular Clinic is an advanced chiropractic clinic with specialist expertise in neurology. Concerned over the fact that most of his work came from a single source, and disappointed with his previous SEO agency, chiropractor Jake Cooke wanted an SEO team to become an extension of his own business. One he could trust to extend his source of enquiries, and reduce his risk. And so he turned to Figment.

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Reducing Tension, with a New Source of Patients.

It’s never wise to rely on a single source of business. But that was precisely where chiropractor Jake Cooke found himself after establishing The Neuro-Muscular Clinic. With 80% of new patients coming from referrals, it was time to reduce his risk. Online enquiries were on his mind, but with a lack of search engine visibility, he was missing out on potential new patients.

Rating previous SEO agency experiences less than positive, Jake set his sights on finding an SEO team he could trust to get results. One that would become an extension of his own business, reducing stress rather than building it. Taking time to learn about Jake’s clinic and thoroughly assess what was needed to start seeing results as fast as possible, we quickly formed a close relationship. A personalised strategy came next, and we set to work on getting The Neuro-Muscular Clinic found online.

Our research identified that people were searching for relief from specific types of pain. So we crafted a content plan with dedicated landing pages for each of the main issues being searched. Next on the agenda were technical improvements to Jake’s existing website, including a thorough SEO audit, speed optimisation for enhanced user experience, Schema Markup to improve the look of site in the search engine results pages, and on-page refinements to meta titles and descriptions.

Expertise-Authority-Trust. The Route to Rankings Success.

Demonstrating expertise is essential for any professional, especially in the medical sector. Patients need to know they can trust a practitioner, and clearly see their authority.

Jake is very much a trusted expert, but we identified early on that his website lacked vital E-A-T factors to demonstrate that. Those factors are crucial for rankings success too, so we created a plan to enrich them. Coupled with an ongoing best practice link acquisition campaign, the strategy was poised for success.

And success it enjoyed. With an 83 per cent increase in Page One Google rankings in just six months, and a whopping 42 keywords taking positions 1-3 in Google Maps in the same period, the website was finally doing its job for Jake.

Website Enquiries Up, Business Risk Down.
A Totally Pain-Free SEO Experience.

With an exceptional 80 per cent improvement in organic traffic after just six months, and a 24 per cent increase in website enquiries within just the first three months, Jake Cooke is delighted that The Neuro-Muscular Clinic no longer has to rely on a single source of new patients.

And the team at Figment is equally delighted that Jake’s latest experience with SEO was pain-free. We look forward to continuing as the extension to his business he’s always wanted.

“Figment Agency have been professional and efficient. They took the time to learn about my business, perform a thorough assessment and explain exactly what they would do to make improvements. Communication has been clear and quick throughout.

We’ve seen a very quick increase in the amount of traffic on our website and its SEO positioning on Google. I’m delighted with their work and happy to recommend them to others!”

– Jake Cooke // The Neuro-Muscular Clinic

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