Case Studies

  • Find My Leisure Vehicle

    Find My Leisure Vehicle

    51 Google Page One rankings and a whopping 484% increase in organic traffic in just 10 months were just the news that this industry-backed online leisure vehicle guide was looking for, and it was all thanks to a tailored SEO campaign from Team Figment.

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  • Stemwell


    Rising from zero search rankings to multiple Google Page One and Page Two positions, this Colombia-based regenerative medicine specialist is now enjoying a consistent stream of new patient enquiries thanks to a tailor-made SEO strategy from Team Figment.

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  • Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    37 Page 1 Google rankings. A 71% increase in sales. Surrey Hills Garden Buildings is now enjoying more quality leads than ever before, all thanks to Figment’s managed SEO strategy.

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  • Barry Bros Security

    Barry Bros Security

    100% growth in web traffic. Visitor numbers continuously rising. Google Page 1 for 55 competitive keywords. Here’s how we’ve kept this London security expert on top for more than five years.

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  • HealthClic


    With 90+ Google Page One rankings and a 35% increase in website conversions, this niche concierge medicine specialist is now enjoying an uptick in retainer patients and, thanks to a focused SEO campaign during the pandemic, was able to attract a good level of new patients for Covid travel testing.

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  • Cladding Consulting

    Cladding Consulting

    With a 237% increase in organic traffic and valuable places secured in the Google index for the keywords that mattered most, this fire safety defects remediation consultant was soon able to reach out and help even more building owners affected by the controversial UK cladding crisis.

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  • Hydropool Surrey

    Hydropool Surrey

    A near-600% increase in organic traffic. 72 top 3 and 164 Page One Google rankings. And a 219% increase in phone enquiries via Google Maps. In just 12 months, hot tub supplier Hydropool Surrey has really started to reap the rewards of a results-driven SEO campaign by Team Figment.

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  • Designed by Woulfe

    Designed by Woulfe

    Organic traffic up by 934%. 70 Google Page 1 rankings. A stream of lucrative new enquiries and clients. And a luxury interior designer who is nothing short of thrilled with the results of Figment’s organic SEO strategy.

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  • Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors

    Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors

    44 Google page 1 rankings and 30+ top 3 positions. Organic traffic up by 578%. With an upturn in sales, and all goals achieved within 18 months, it’s been good news all the way for this artisan wall covering specialist.

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  • Oddbins


    80 Google Page One rankings and a 34% increase in organic traffic in as little as six months. But these were not the only pieces of good news for this well-known, 60-year established multi-branch and online wine retailer, because our Christmas-focused campaign had also delivered, with sparkle.

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  • Copping Joyce

    Copping Joyce

    Organic traffic up 37% in just six months, thanks to an impressive 77 Google Page One rankings. All good news for this long established RICS chartered surveyors practice, whose new found boost in online visibility helped reinforce brand identity, and drive new leads.

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  • Imperium Chambers

    Imperium Chambers

    Organic traffic up 17%. A 467% improvement in Google rankings, with 23 Page One positions. Things were looking up for this specialist immigration chambers, which had started out with next-to-no online visibility at the start of their SEO campaign.

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  • Partridge Muir & Warren

    Partridge Muir & Warren

    Organic traffic up 144% year on year. 169 Page One Google rankings with 112 in the top 3 positions. A steady flow of new clients, and no more PPC spend. A satisfied chartered financial planner, enjoying exceptional results in just a few months, all thanks to Figment’s well-planned SEO strategy.

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  • homes2let


    With 44 top 3 and 57 page 1 Google rankings in just 20 months, and a whopping 1678% increase in organic traffic in the first 6 months, it’s been rapid success all the way for this guaranteed rent property management company.

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  • Surbiton Smile

    Surbiton Smile

    Increased enquiries and a rise in patient levels were the much appreciated results for leading general, cosmetic and implant dentistry experts Surbiton Smile, all thanks to a results-focused SEO campaign by Team Figment.

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  • Pro Electric Scooters

    Pro Electric Scooters

    7,000+ Google positions. 35% more organic traffic. Turnover up from zero to £1 million. Here’s how we helped drive this electric scooter retailer from fledgling business to the UK’s #1 official electric scooter store in just a few months, with a specialist, tailor-made Shopify ecommerce SEO campaign.

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  • Official Hoverboard

    Official Hoverboard

    36% more organic traffic. 80 Page One Google Rankings. Online store conversions up by 82%. Here’s how we helped the UK’s #1 hoverboard retailer grab the lion’s share of online sales, sending them gliding above some of the UK’s strongest competitors in the industry.

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  • The Neuro-Muscular Clinic

    The Neuro-Muscular Clinic

    24% more website enquiries in just 3 months. 80% more organic traffic in only 6 months. Now The Neuro-Muscular Clinic no longer has to rely on a single source of new patients, chiropractor Jake Cooke can rest, tension-free.

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  • Feathr


    With 120+ Google Page One rankings and much-enhanced visibility across both UK and USA Google SERPs, this luxury designer wallpaper supplier got to enjoy a steady stream of new leads, and a healthy return on investment thanks to a campaign that was closely focused on their ultimate goals.

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  • PC Docs

    PC Docs

    51 Google top 3 rankings. A 38% increase in organic traffic, and Google Maps views up by a whopping 217%. Despite being up against considerable online competition, it was good news all round for this IT support company as new leads started to roll in.

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  • The London School of Beauty & Make-Up

    The London School of Beauty & Make-Up

    Thanks to a 34% increase in year on year organic traffic, and a huge 408% increase in year on year goal completions from organic search following our managed SEO campaign, the London School of Beauty & Make-Up successfully nailed its objectives.

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  • Start Hawk

    Start Hawk

    Organic traffic up 151%. 43 page #1 rankings. From a brand new concept with zero traction to a thriving international platform successfully connecting co-founders and inspiring fruitful business relationships, it’s been good news all round thanks to Figment’s personalised SEO strategy.

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  • TattooedNow!


    Organic traffic boosted by 72%. Sales up by 5576%. Here’s how we took an Emmy Award winning makeup designer’s under-performing Shopify ecommerce site, and turned things around in just a matter of months.

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  • Boat Party Tickets

    Boat Party Tickets

    15 Google top 3 rankings, 20+ Page One spots and a momentous 172% increase in organic web traffic. It’s all systems go again for Boat Party Tickets, right on cue for the post-pandemic overseas holiday wave.

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  • ZedcarZ


    53 Google Top 3 rankings. Organic traffic up 215%. Fantastic results, but not such a simple task in the highly competitive local mini cab arena. So just how did Team Figment achieve such exceptional success for what’s now Surbiton’s go-to private hire firm?

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  • Bridger Bell Commercial

    Bridger Bell Commercial

    A brand new WordPress website and bespoke CRM system for Bridger Bell have combined to give the commercial property experts a new lease of life, with complete flexibility to update their site anytime, anywhere.

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  • Tag Office

    Tag Office

    The goal for office furniture specialists Tag Office was to reduce paid ad spend. A website revamp for improved user experience, combined with an SEO strategy focused on achieving organic leads, and it was mission accomplished!

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  • Hull & East Riding Fertility

    Hull & East Riding Fertility

    When a rebrand and new domain name led to an expected drop in rankings, it was over to Team Figment to come up with a strategy to recover those rankings, and get East Yorkshire’s only registered infertility clinic back on the online map.

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  • Henfield Storage

    Henfield Storage

    Organic traffic up 68% in just 8 months. Google Page 1 for 53 keywords. Top Local Pack positions for 30+ keywords. With sales up and PPC costs down, it’s all good news for Henfield Storage.

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  • Horrocks & Boyd

    Horrocks & Boyd

    Figment took outdated branding and a weak online presence and conducted a full makeover. Now? An unique, modern and functional website design with a touch of heritage. A sight for happy eyes.

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  • Elegant Bedrooms

    Elegant Bedrooms

    A website experience that’s a joy for visitors, however they choose to browse. Discover how we brought bespoke bedroom luxury to life with custom design features and a clean, sophisticated approach that improved sales enquiries and boosted the brand’s image.

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