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Imperium Chambers are renowned specialists in immigration, civil liberties and human rights law, operating both UK-wide and internationally. Despite its respected professional reputation, the business had next to no online visibility, which meant it was missing out on capturing valuable new leads from search. With a goal set to improve Google rankings and drive more organic traffic, Team Figment took the baton.

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  • Managed SEO Campaign

Setting the Bar for Fresh New Leads.

A reputation as solid as the one built by Imperium Chambers means word of mouth will always play an important role in building the client base. But with so many people now turning to the internet not just to find a professional, but to research and appraise them ahead of making contact, there is no room for a lack of online visibility. But a lack of online visibility was precisely the problem faced by this business.

In order to build new leads, both from the public and from other referring professionals, and also to seize a golden opportunity to reinforce reputation, it was time for a campaign that would get the chambers found online.

Our strategy covered two core steps. Firstly, we had to make sure the existing website was able to provide the necessary foundations for a successful SEO campaign. So we started with an in-depth SEO audit, hunting down any glitches that went against Google best practice. Once that step was covered, we were ready to get to work on building online visibility.

Making a Case for Online Success with Top Google Rankings.

Top Google rankings are the lifeblood of online success. And they are just what we set out to achieve for Imperium Chambers.

Our tailored strategy covered both on-page and off-page SEO. On-page, we refined all the site’s meta titles and descriptions, and applied technical SEO tactics to make sure the site was in top shape to keep Google happy.

All of this was backed by off-page tactics, including a link building campaign. A content strategy made use of the chambers’ knowledgeable in-house specialists to produce expert content in line with our carefully compiled plan.

And it wasn’t long before the campaign started to see success. Soon, Imperium Chambers was enjoying 23 Google Page One rankings and a 4,105 increase in ranking places. At its peak, the site was ranking for as many as 70 keywords, covering a vast range of legal services.

It all equated to a massive 467% improvement in Google rankings, with the business well on its way to achieving its goals to be found online.

All Rise… Organic Traffic Up 17%.

Content creation will always play an important role in boosting rankings and attracting organic traffic to a website, especially in professional sectors such as law, where prospective clients are so often looking for answers to specific questions. The advice and reassurance gleaned from well-produced content goes a long way to creating trust, a vital factor when it comes to converting visits into enquiries, and enquiries into clients.

This was one of the key strategies that resulted in an increase in organic traffic for Imperium Chambers, alongside a local optimisation plan designed to attract specifically local traffic to its two London offices.

Together, they worked wonders, taking organic traffic up by 17% and sparking valuable new client leads.

“The results were remarkable! Thanks to their diligent work, my website’s organic traffic skyrocketed, leading to a significant increase in conversions and revenue. Their meticulous keyword research and optimization techniques truly optimized my website’s visibility on search engines.

I wholeheartedly recommend this SEO provider to anyone looking to boost their online presence and drive tangible results. With their expertise and commitment to success, they have undoubtedly earned my trust and respect. I’m grateful for their exceptional services and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the future.”

– Nick Chuter // Imperium Chambers

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