The London School of Beauty & Make-Up

The London School of Beauty & Make-Up is one of the UK’s largest private educational establishments dedicated to beauty therapy and make-up. Following a downturn in students due to the pandemic, the school was looking for help in recovering back to pre-Covid levels. With objectives including increases in revenue and leads, a strategy was needed that would target the school’s very specific demographic locally, nationally and internationally.

Services Provided

  • Managed SEO Campaign

Styling a Tailored Campaign for International Success

Operating in a competitive industry is challenging enough. But when that industry is directly impacted by a global pandemic, things become that much tougher. Being ready to open the beauty school doors again once the klaxon had sounded for the great unlocking, both on home shores and abroad, was vital. It was time for a plan that would place the business right in front of its prime target audience.

So we set to work on a twin strategy. Firstly, making sure the existing website was SEO ready. Page loading speed optimised, code primed and technical fixes made, we were ready to get moving on netting the London School of Beauty & Make-up the top Google ranking spots it needed to attract attention from a fresh influx of students.

Working with an international audience, we needed to make sure our strategy reached out to all the right places. Keywords were carefully selected to target overseas as well as national and London-based prospects. Then we set to work optimising existing course pages, and adding new landing pages aimed at demonstrating the benefits of signing up with this particular beauty school over its competitors. We also developed a personalised blog plan for the in-house marketing team to work on, aimed at enriching the website with relevant, useful information and Google-friendly content.

Soaring Search Rankings, for Flawless Results

Our content marketing strategy was buoyed by a range of tactics to improve user experience on the website, such as adding video content and improving page layouts. We also ran a back linking and citation building campaign to boost site authority in the eyes of Google.

As a result, Google rankings soared. Now the beauty school is enjoying a huge boost to its online visibility, thanks to a massive 321 rankings on Google Page One, and 184 top 3 positions.

Nailing Business Goals with Organic Traffic Growth

Thanks to a 34% increase in year on year organic traffic, and a huge 408% increase in year on year goal completions from organic search, the London School of Beauty & Make-Up has successfully filled its courses for the forthcoming cohorts, and owner Xubin Yuan is delighted with the results.

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