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Start Hawk is a niche international platform designed to help business owners find the co-founders they need to realise their aspirations. With Google rankings virtually non-existent and organic traffic low, Start Hawk founder Ben needed a jumpstart to get the networking culture buzzing, connecting likeminded entrepreneurs for mutual benefit. Over to Figment to devise a global strategy to do just that.

Services Provided

  • Organic SEO

Connecting Co-Founders Through a Customised Campaign.

Start Hawk was a brand new concept. A pioneering idea, and one that needed a good boost to get its message across to its niche audience across the world. And that’s what brought the business to Figment.

It was important that we fully understood the concept, so we could shape our international strategy around its unique objectives. Our in-depth 6-R process took us through the steps of researching the model and its audiences. Setting a roadmap to meet objectives. Repairing issues that were could hold the website back from ranking. Working on strategies to get the site ranked, then reporting and reviewing to keep everything moving towards the set goals.

The website was client-built in React. So we worked closely with them on a range of technical and on-page SEO strategies, providing direction on implementing vital tactics to ensure the site was speed-optimised, user-friendly, and could be easily crawled and indexed by the search engines across both the United Kingdom and the USA. A great team effort.

The next step was to work on moving the website up to the top of the search results, and increasing organic traffic.

Creating a Trusted Resource, for Game-Changing Results.

A back linking campaign boosted site authority across both UK and USA markets. And our personalised content strategy, which included coming up with engaging, relevant titles and writing regular blog posts, helped to enhance referral traffic and show Google and users that this was a trusted resource.

Everything combined, the results were game changing. 43 page #1 rankings, and Google ranking positions up by over 6,000 places in the first five months of the campaign alone.

Boosted Organic Traffic Spells Good News All Round.

With a massive 151% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year, and a significant 273% increase in desired conversions, such as new co-founder and premium membership sign-ups, Start Hawk is now enjoying a constant flow of international leads, and a strong level of interest in its paid-for option. And more and more co-founders are finding each other, and starting fruitful business relationships. So it really is good news all round.

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