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Find My Leisure Vehicle is the UK’s industry-backed online guide to campervans, touring caravans and motorhomes, run in partnership with the 75-year established National Caravan Council trade association. With a clear goal of providing consumers with an authoritative, independent leisure vehicle buyers’ guide, there was work to do. Because all we had on the starting blocks was a brand new website with no search authority. It was time for Figment to step in and rev things up with a tailor-made SEO strategy.

Services Provided

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  • Managed SEO Campaign

Getting the Show on the Road with the Right Tools for the Job.

With more than a million leisure vehicles owned in the UK, and the industry contributing billions of pounds per year to the UK economy, it is safe to say that the leisure vehicle sector is booming.

NCC Events, in partnership with the NCC trade association, had a vision of launching an authoritative guide for leisure vehicle buyers. It was aimed at delivering unbiased advice and helping buyers wade through the mass of marketing bias, so that they could make an informed decision about the vehicle that would best suit their needs.

The client worked with their own developers to create a new website with a smart search tool that visitors could use to search and compare their favourite leisure vehicles. Our job was to get that website found by the right visitors who would appreciate the resource. But we were starting from scratch, with a website in its infancy with no Domain Rating.

We spent a lot of time getting to know the business in-depth, so we could help turn their vision into an actionable SEO strategy. Meantime, our tech team took care of ensuring the new website would stand the best possible chance of occupying top search positions for leisure vehicle related queries, courtesy of fast page load speeds and clean-as-a-whistle code.

All done, we were ready to kick off our organic SEO strategy.

Accelerating to Success, with a Tailor-Made SEO Strategy.

A back-linking campaign got things moving, building site authority considerably, from the lowest possible Domain Rating (DR) of just 1 in January 2022, to a hugely improved DR 35 in April 2023. Domain Rating is a metric used to predict the likelihood of a domain or web page ranking in the search engine results pages, with the lowest score being 1, and the highest being 100.

Our content strategy begun making waves too. With lots of high quality, user-targeted content being published every month, all written with the aim of delivering helpful information from an industry insider point of view and providing complete market coverage for the client’s audience, things were really starting to happen.

Within just 10 months, the site had seen a 450% increase in ranking keywords, including 51 Google Page One rankings, with 21 in the top three positions, bringing greatly extended online visibility and presenting the new leisure vehicle search tool to a significantly growing audience.

Taking a Journey to Triumph with Top Keyword Rankings

With so many different leisure vehicle brands, types and models, there were numerous keywords to target if the site was going to rank well and command maximum visibility in search.

But our hard work with back-link acquisition did the business, as did our monthly creation of detailed landing pages based on the leading leisure vehicle brands.

In just 10 months, the site was enjoying increased ranking positions in Google by over 14,000.

Now We’re Motoring – With 484% More Organic Traffic.

Not only was Find My Leisure Vehicle benefiting from exceptional Google rankings. As a result of our campaign, organic traffic was growing on a significant scale. With a massive 484% increase in the first 10 months, and continued growth to date, conversions are up, and the website is firmly on the map when it comes to being an industry authority for leisure vehicle buyers.

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