TattooedNow!, a leading provider of super-realistic temporary tattoos used across a host of TV and Hollywood productions, is the brainchild of Emmy Award winning makeup and hair designer Daniel Parker and co-founders Niki and Igor. The trio needed a kick start to get their consumer-facing online store the visibility it needed to thrive. Step in Figment to come up with the strategy to do just that.

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An Expert Plan. There’s No Faking it.

Acclaimed makeup and hair designer to the stars Daniel Parker had for some time been embellishing actors with temporary tattoos for their roles in the likes of The Matrix Resurrections, Zero Dark Thirty and Chernobyl. But he had a vision to bring temporary tattoos to the masses, which led to his venture into the world of ecommerce. And that’s what brought him and his co-founders Igor and Niki to Figment.

TattooedNow! had been set up on a Shopify ecommerce platform. The site had been receiving very little organic traffic, which meant sales were falling flat.

Our research revealed the website was being held back from achieving its full potential due to various technical issues. Shopify is a great ecommerce platform, but it has a habit of creating problems, like duplicate content and speed-draining background apps. It can also lose its way with structure, which can lead to a less than positive shopping experience.

So we set to work optimising the site for speed and structure, making sure it provided a great user experience, and was a breeze for the search engines to crawl too.


We also added SchemaPlus for Shopify, a tactic known to command attention in the search results and boost click-throughs. Our next step was to devise a strategy to improve rankings, and drive traffic to the online store.

Driving Sales Through Enhanced Online Exposure.

A back linking campaign boosted site authority. On-page SEO improved user experience and helped the search engines better understand the site’s content. And a personalised content strategy, with regular blogs and improvements to existing pages, enhanced brand identity, increased referral traffic and improved the site’s trust rating.

The results? A massive 200+ page #1 Google rankings and 140+ Google top 3 positions. At last, TattooedNow! was getting the online exposure it needed to drive those sales.

A Boost in Organic Traffic Makes TattooedNow! the Star of the Show.

With a 72% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year, leading to a whopping 5576% increase in sales, TattooedNow! is finally reaping the rewards it deserves. Now it’s a case of maintaining all these achievements to make sure online visibility is sustained, and sales continue to thrive. And that’s something we’re delighted to be handling too.

Video Testimonial

“We were very happy with Steve and Emma and the whole Figment team. The service was so helpful and charming and always there when we needed them. It was a joy and everything we asked to be achieved was done… we would highly recommend Figment and we will be back for more… Thank you to you all.”

– Daniel Parker // Tattooed Now!

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