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  • Google MUM

    New Google Technology Set to Transform Search

    From Google Bard and Google Genesis to MUM, BERT, PaLM 2, Immersive View and more, AI is transforming the way Google delivers its search tools.

  • Google Trends

    What Is Google Trends and How Can it Help with SEO?

    How the free Google Trends tool can enrich your search engine optimisation efforts by delivering insightful keyword data that can help you create meaningful content campaigns.

  • How long does SEO take

    How Long Does SEO take?

    One of the most common questions asked of us as SEO specialists is, “how long does SEO take to work?” Join us as we answer this question with real life examples and average industry statistics.

  • AI in ecommerce

    6 Ways Ecommerce Sites can Benefit from AI in Digital Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence is making waves in the world of digital marketing. But are there any specific benefits of AI in ecommerce? There are indeed… let’s take a look.

  • Free AI writing tools

    4 Free AI Writing Tools to Improve Your Content

    Want to save time creating content? These free AI writing tools are poised to help by coming up with topics & keywords, proofing & editing your work and creating instant summaries. Genius!

  • AI regulation UK

    AI Regulation in the UK: All Change Again for Digital Marketing?

    Ask the question, should AI be regulated, and you’ll find all sorts of conflicting responses. Here’s why that is, and what you need to think about as a digital marketer.

  • ChatGPT and Google

    ChatGPT and Google. What’s the Verdict?

    Is ChatGPT a competitor for Google? Will Google search be overtaken by ChatGPT? And on the other side of the coin, is ChatGPT safe for SEO? Join us for the discussion!

  • How important is SSL for SEO

    What is SSL and is it Important to SEO?

    Google once said that if there were two websites of equal standing, the one with the SSL certificate would hold advantage over the one without. But have recent comments by Google debunked this claim, and just how important is SSL for SEO?

  • do Google Reviews help SEO

    Do Google Reviews Help with SEO?

    We all know the power of a good review. They have the ability to make prospects press the buy button and turn into customers. But when it comes to search rankings, do Google Reviews help SEO?

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