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  • UK marketing trends

    UK Marketing and User Trends to Watch in 2024

    We’ve been doing the rounds of the best research resources, and have brought together what we believe to be the most important UK digital marketing and user trends to watch in 2024.

  • How to add an SEO title and meta description in WordPress

    How to Add an SEO Title and Meta Description in WordPress

    The SEO page title and meta description play a crucial role in search engine optimisation and user experience. Here’s how to add both to pages and posts in WordPress.

  • Google Trends

    What Is Google Trends and How Can it Help with SEO?

    How the free Google Trends tool can enrich your search engine optimisation efforts by delivering insightful keyword data that can help you create meaningful content campaigns.

  • How long does SEO take

    How Long Does SEO take?

    One of the most common questions asked of us as SEO specialists is, “how long does SEO take to work?” Join us as we answer this question with real life examples and average industry statistics.

  • Free AI writing tools

    4 Free AI Writing Tools to Improve Your Content

    Want to save time creating content? These free AI writing tools are poised to help by coming up with topics & keywords, proofing & editing your work and creating instant summaries. Genius!

  • ChatGPT and SEO

    ChatGPT – What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence and SEO

    It’s the online tool everybody’s talking about! Here we discuss how AI and SEO work together, and what we can safely use ChatGPT for in the eyes of Google.

  • WordPress SEO

    The Complete Guide to WordPress SEO in 2023

    WordPress is packed to the rafters with all sorts of SEO features that adhere to Google best practice. But this does not make it a replacement for a solid SEO strategy.

  • Expertise, experience, authority and trust E-E-A-T

    Google E-A-T Gets an Extra E for Experience

    Google has added an extra ‘E’ for EXPERIENCE. So now we have E-E-A-T – here’s what it’s all about, and how to create content that makes the grade.

  • Authority backlinks

    A Guide to Authority Backlinks

    When it comes to acquiring authority backlinks, there are right ways of going about it. And there are, most definitely, wrong ways. Here we look at the benefits of link building for SEO, and how best to approach it.

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