How SEO Helps Your Business

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Results-driven Emma heads up our SEO team. A champion of best-practice SEO strategies for search engine success that lasts and delivers best value, Emma’s work focuses on boosting clients’ online visibility with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. Emma applies her extensive skill and experience to create strategies that pay off quickly for faster results. She knows precisely what to do to reduce clients’ paid ad spends for greater profits, and how to boost organic leads for better long term return on investment. After close of business, when she’s not organising exciting travel adventures, you may hear Emma strumming classical guitar tunes or working on her jazz riffs.


How does search engine optimisation (SEO) help your business? You probably know that SEO will help your website gain more visibility in the search engines, but precisely what tangible benefits could you be enjoying when you invest in an SEO strategy? Let’s take a look at five of the most important and exciting ways how SEO helps your business.

How SEO helps your business

1.     SEO creates an improved user experience

Employing any of the SEO strategies we set out in our last post, 10 of the Best SEO Tips 2019, will have knock-on benefits that will improve your website user experience.

For example, in making sure that your website loads in super-quick time to gain Google approval, you will also be creating a smoother, faster and way more user friendly website. And in working hard to make your site mobile optimised to help with your search engine rankings, you’ll be pleasing your on-the-go users no end. Plus, with amazing, totally relevant and helpful content, everyone – search engines and users – are going to be happy too.

In other words, as well as Google approval, you’ll be achieving user approval too. And that’s really important, because happy users spend more time on a website. We looked at this in our previous post about the importance of Dwell Time.

2.     SEO lands you more customers

One of the key goals for any website is to get more business. Why else would you invest in one? SEO optimised websites bring more customers and grow twice as quickly as those that are not optimised. And that’s a fact.

SEO has to be considered one of the best value for money marketing strategies. Think about it: it’s geared towards magnetising the very people who are actively seeking what you offer. Warm leads! What could be better than pulling in targeted traffic to your website? And once those people are there, because your site is both Google and user friendly, they will be more likely to become loyal customers and returning visitors.

How SEO Helps Your Business

What could be better than pulling in targeted traffic to your website?

3.     SEO increases trust and credibility

We have already established that an SEO optimised website is also a user friendly website. And that is the first step towards inspiring trust. But there are other aspects of SEO that count towards creating trust and credibility.

Customer reviews are a crucial element of any SEO strategy. So, if you have been working on building those to help with your Google rankings, then you’ll find your business credibility automatically jumps up a level automatically.

You’ll also find credibility starts to increase over time as a result of the likes of quality backlinks, positive user behaviour and content that is optimised to make it into the Featured Snippets.

Brand loyalty and authority take a great deal of time and effort to achieve, but with help from a sound, well thought-out SEO strategy, it will all happen that much more quickly. This is one of the key aspects of how SEO helps your business.

4.     SEO boosts brand awareness

Websites that appear on page one of the major search engines are far more likely to be trusted by potential customers searching for particular terms, as opposed to those brands that lack a buoyant online presence.  It’s all about brand awareness and putting your brand above your competitors’.

Brand awareness truly counts for so much in a competitive marketplace. And those businesses that are intent on making it big, especially in a bustling city like London, are all investing in their SEO strategy. They are often seeking assistance from an SEO agency in London to make sure they occupy the top ranking spots for the key terms that are relevant to what they offer. These businesses understand the importance of leveraging local expertise to enhance their online visibility

How SEO Helps Your Business

It’s all about brand awareness and putting your brand above your competitors’.

5.     SEO helps you gain competitive edge

If your main competitors are investing in SEO, but you aren’t, guess who’s going to have the edge? Have a think about who’s going to get more leads and, eventually, more customers? It’s quite simple!

If you don’t optimise your website you will simply not be able to compete. You won’t grow as quickly and you won’t realise anywhere near as high a degree of success as you could with an optimised online presence.

Imagine the internet is like the high street. There are two shops selling exactly the same thing. One has bright, eye-catching signage on display to show what’s on offer, and smiley people in branded T-shirts handing out leaflets to passers-by. The shop is packed full of customers who are all happily spending money. The other shop however has no signage, and no smiley leaflet people outside. Passers-by barely notice it and it’s void of customers. No money is passing through the tills.

Liken this to Google rankings. The bright, smiley shop is like having a page one ranking so everyone can see you, whilst the other one is akin to lower or no rankings at all. In other words, put some effort in to SEO and you’ll gain advantage over the competition.

Ready to let SEO help YOUR business?

Search engine optimisation is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy, for so many reasons. Instead of asking yourself, can I afford to invest in SEO, you really should be asking, can I afford not to?

There is an absolute raft of benefits to can be gained from a well-planned and expertly implemented SEO strategy. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped a number of businesses achieve a host of top Google rankings, boost their competitive edge and increase organic traffic. If you’d like to discover how we can help you, talk to Figment!

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