SEO for Medical Websites

Looking to generate new patient enquiries? To promote your treatments to a wider audience? Courtesy of the specialist medical sector SEO service from Figment, you could be enjoying enhanced online visibility sooner than you think.

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Ready to enjoy a steady flow of new patient enquiries?

As a healthcare professional, you’ve worked hard to become an expert in your field. But if you’re not visible online, you could be missing out on finding your best patients yet. With 60% of web traffic going to the top three Google results, it’s vital you have a strong presence if you’re going to enjoy a steady flow of enquiries. That’s where Figment can help.

With a proven track record of search engine success in the private healthcare sector dating back to 2006, Figment is fast becoming the number one choice for medical website SEO. Having worked sector wide with chiropractors, physiotherapists, skin specialists, private practice and GP services, women’s health, gynaecology, neurology, mental health, dentistry and numerous Harley Street clinics, we have developed the unique blend of knowhow, technical expertise and industry understanding needed to seal your success online.

Increasing the value of your business.
With done-for-you SEO.

As your online visibility grows, so does your patient base. At Figment, we understand that as a busy professional, your time is precious. It’s precisely why we offer a done-for-you SEO service for medical practices.

Taking time to understand your individual clinic, your specific services and treatments, and your ideal patient type, means your time is never all-consumed. Instead, you can leave everything to us as we take full accountability for achieving the SEO results that make all the difference.

Expertise, Authority and Trust. Your direct route to SEO success.

One of the key signals Google uses to assess website content quality and relevancy is E-A-T: Expertise, Authority and Trust. E-A-T establishes the value of a website, and is a particularly important tool in SEO for medical websites, where the three elements are precisely what prospective patients look for in a healthcare professional.

The more you can demonstrate E-A-T, the more credit you’ll get from Google. And that means boosted online visibility, and more patient enquiries. E-A-T was at the heart of the 2018 Medic Update, making it crucial for websites in which consumers place a high degree of trust, such as medical websites, to ensure they tick all the right boxes for rankings success. And that’s all part of the service when you choose Figment for medical website SEO.

Why choose Figment for SEO for medical practices?

  • Proven Results

    Proven Results

    A host of number 1 spots secured on Google for numerous competitive keywords AND continued traffic growth month on month, year on year.

  • Unique Blend of Skills

    Unique Blend of Skills

    Blending marketing, creative and technical skills with business knowhow helps us maximise results, so you get the very best for your budget.

  • Proven SEO Process

    Proven SEO Process

    Our results-driven process helps us achieve outstanding SEO results. Plus you get to see precisely what we’ll be doing for you, and when.

  • Best Practice SEO

    Best Practice SEO

    Wave goodbye to spammy SEO. Everything we do complies with Google best practice for the best possible rankings and least likelihood of penalties.

  • Clear Reporting

    Clear Reporting

    Each month you'll receive tailored reports and updates on your KPIs so you can clearly see how well your SEO campaign is progressing.

  • KPI Dashboard

    KPI Dashboard

    Our easy-view dashboard keeps all your key data in one place, so you can monitor your campaign progress and SEO results in real time.

Bringing your healthcare practice goals closer, with the perfect blend of expertise.

Local people are searching online for the professional treatments you offer. Your goal is to get in front of those people, and show them how you can make a difference to their lives. Our goal is to place you there, with a tailor-made strategy that gets you found, courtesy of proven healthcare industry SEO tactics.

With experienced medical writers to represent your brand accurately, complete comprehension of medical sector regulatory compliance and auditing, and specific knowledge of how to attract enquiries for specific treatments in defined local areas, you can consider Figment your trusted partner for medical website SEO. And with more than 15 years’ experience in SEO for medical websites, our GDPR regulated and audited agency is ready to start getting you closer to your commercial goals.

What Our Clients Say

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    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings
  • Leon Almashan
    Physio Extra
  • Jake Cooke
    The Neuro-Muscular Clinic
  • Zed Juneja
  • Barry Bros Security

    Barry Bros Security

    100% growth in web traffic. Visitor numbers continuously rising. Google Page 1 for 55 competitive keywords. Here’s how we’ve kept this London security expert on top for more than five years.

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  • Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    37 Page 1 Google rankings. A 71% increase in sales. Surrey Hills Garden Buildings is now enjoying more quality leads than ever before, all thanks to Figment’s managed SEO strategy.

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  • Chris Barlow
    I used Figment SEO Agency for my website that sells excursions around Europe. I used Figment firstly to migrate my older out dated website to a newer website and then to improve the website's SEO I started to see positive results after 6 months on desired keywords and I have seen further results after 1 year I’m extremely happy with the results and I will be definitely using them again for future projects. It is very difficult when it comes to finding a good honest SEO agency and lots of agencies always promise the world but Figment didn’t over promise on things which was definitely a good sign for me and we still have seen positive results.
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  • Jake Cooke
    “Figment Agency have been professional and efficient. They took the time to learn about my business, perform a thorough assessment and explain exactly what they would do to make improvements. Communication has been clear and quick throughout. We've seen a very quick increase in the amount of traffic on our website and its SEO positioning on Google. I'm delighted with their work and happy to recommend them to others!”
    google stars google stars google stars google stars google stars
  • Ceris Hymas
    “I loved working with Emma and Steve. They are really professional and really know what they are doing. Within just weeks of launching the new SEO campaign we started to see an increase in our search rankings. I’ve worked with a few agencies and they are certainly the best!”
    google stars google stars google stars google stars google stars
  • James Maxwell
    “Since working with Steve I have seen a massive change in my website. I have had many meeting with numerous other website people and spent lots of money on literally nothing. Since getting figment in to sort my website out I have got better ranking monthly reports and feel like I’m actually getting something for the money I pay where other companies have done nothing for the same money. They continue to help develop my site and business. I would not use any other company. 5 stars all the way.”
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  • Rachael Wellby
    “Reliable, expert service. Steve and the team took the time to understand our business and deliver a service that's right for us.”
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  • Rufus Landricombe
    “I used Figment to optimise my website for local area searches. They provided a great service. Went beyond my expectations in terms of redesigning and adding content to my site and delivered on the optimisation goals they had set out. I now have far more local enquires coming through my website.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SEO for a medical practice work?

    We split medical website SEO into two main areas. Firstly, on-page SEO which deals with relevancy. Our work in this area involves focusing on the things that matter to Google, like page loading speed, the format of your website code and the quality of your content. The other area is off-page SEO, which is all about trust and site authority. This is hugely important for healthcare websites, and something in which we have proven expertise.

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  • SEO vs paid advertising, what’s best?

    When you pay to put ads online, every time someone clicks on the ad and lands on your website, you have to pay (‘pay per click’). With organic SEO however, there is no charge whenever someone clicks on a link they find in the search results. The fact is, people are more inclined to click on and trust organic listings than they are adverts, especially for healthcare services. This is precisely why investing in a long term SEO strategy for your medical website is more likely to deliver a better ROI.

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  • How long before I get to see results from the SEO work on my medical website?

    You’ll need to be prepared to look at your medical website SEO as a medium to long term strategy, but many of our private healthcare clients start seeing initial results in the first few months.

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  • Why does my private healthcare practice need SEO?

    Competition for clients amongst private healthcare professionals is rising, especially as more and more consumers turn to the internet to find suitable treatment providers, reviews and answers to the questions they have. A highly visible online presence is crucial if you are going to stand out in a significant crowd of competitors.

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  • In what healthcare sectors have you carried out SEO?

    We have worked as trusted SEO partners with many private healthcare providers, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, dermatologists, private practice and GP services, women’s health, gynaecology, neurology, mental health and dentistry, including numerous Harley Street clinics. We have a growing portfolio of healthcare clients which is expanding as our reputation and track record of success are shared by word of mouth.

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  • How much does SEO for medical websites cost?

    Prices for our medical website SEO campaigns range from £500 to £4K per month. As a guide, a 20-hour campaign based on 50 keywords with weekly blogs, technical SEO, manual outreach and management usually comes in at £2,000 plus VAT per month. You are welcome to contact us for a tailored quotation.

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  • What keywords will you choose for my medical practice SEO campaign?

    Our research will uncover which keywords will do the best job of driving qualified traffic to your healthcare sector website. We’ll analyse what prospective patients search for within your particular sector and for the specific individual treatments you wish to promote, and check search volumes, keyword difficulty in terms of competition, and the potential click through rate you might achieve. It’s all quite scientific, but once complete we’ll be able to provide you with a well-researched set of keywords that are focused on meeting your commercial goals.

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  • What’s included in SEO for medical websites?

    We offer a variety of SEO packages, all of which will be customised to suit your individual healthcare practice goals and priorities, which we will take good time to understand. Precisely what your package encompasses will vary depending on the level you choose, but all packages include at least 25 tracked keywords, one or more focus areas, 16+ campaign hours, upwards of two blogs or landing pages written by our experienced medical writers, your own dedicated customer success manager, and a KPI dashboard where you can view all your current SEO campaign results.

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