Grow Your Business With SEO For Home and Lifestyle Websites.

Experience a transformation in your home and lifestyle business that will increase your brand visibility and bring new customer enquiries. Get a tailored SEO campaign where a strategy is specifically designed to unlock your business’s potential resulting in healthy sustainable growth.

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Strategic SEO That Connects Your Business to Potential Customers

In a world where the top three Google search results capture 60% of web traffic, establishing a strategic approach to SEO is essential for generating enquiries and attracting new customers.Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the home and lifestyle sector or a creative mind behind marketing your unique products and services, it is essential not to overlook the opportunity to connect with your ideal clients.

Dating back to 2006, Figment has a successful history of driving search engine success for a variety of businesses in the home and lifestyle sector. As an SEO partner, Figment is the preferred choice for countless business in the sector including interior designers, specialty artisans, educators, home improvement specialists and many more. Through dedicated collaboration, we have cultivated a distinctive blend of expertise, technical proficiency, and industry acumen that are essential for securing your online results.

Personalised Strategies for Online Growth.

In the fast-paced world of home and lifestyle businesses, one size certainly does not fit all. In fact, it’s the uniqueness of your offerings, brand personality, and target audience that sets you apart in this competitive space. This is where the significance of a personalised SEO strategy comes into play

Your unique SEO strategy will be your guiding compass so you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, adapt to changes, and uncover growth opportunities that perfectly align with your objectives in the home and lifestyle sector.

Data-Driven Insights and Strategy

At Figment, we harness the power of data to highlight the path to success for your home and lifestyle business. Our approach revolves around leveraging data-driven insights to craft strategies that not only resonate with your business but also yield tangible results.

By meticulously analysing metrics and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we uncover actionable insights, ensuring that every move is purposeful and effective. This synergy between analysis and strategy helps drive healthy, sustainable growth for your business.

Why choose Figment for SEO for your home and lifestyle business?

  • Proven Results

    Proven Results

    A host of number 1 spots secured on Google for numerous competitive keywords AND continued traffic growth month on month, year on year.

  • Unique Blend of Skills

    Unique Blend of Skills

    Blending marketing, creative and technical skills with business knowhow helps us maximise results, so you get the very best for your budget.

  • Proven SEO Process

    Proven SEO Process

    Our results-driven process helps us achieve outstanding SEO results. Plus you get to see precisely what we’ll be doing for you, and when.

  • Best Practice SEO

    Best Practice SEO

    Wave goodbye to spammy SEO. Everything we do complies with Google best practice for the best possible rankings and least likelihood of penalties.

  • Clear Reporting

    Clear Reporting

    Each month you'll receive tailored reports and updates on your KPIs so you can clearly see how well your SEO campaign is progressing.

  • KPI Dashboard

    KPI Dashboard

    Our easy-view dashboard keeps all your key data in one place, so you can monitor your campaign progress and SEO results in real time.

4 pictures side by side: Figment Agency notebook and flashdrive, CEO in discussion with green plant background, team meeting around a round table, and someone operating a laptop reviewing SEO
4 pictures side by side: Figment Agency notebook and flashdrive, CEO in discussion with green plant background, team meeting around a round table, and someone operating a laptop reviewing SEO

Understanding your competitors for securing success

Competitor analysis isn’t just about knowing your rivals, it’s about knowing how to strategically outpace them. With these key insights, we can fine-tune your personalised SEO strategy by identifying gaps in your online presence, pinpointing areas where we can capitalise on your strengths, and tailoring content and optimisations to meet your audience’s needs.

This process doesn’t just level the playing field, it empowers you to proactively position yourself for prominence, paving the way for your business to stand out and take the lead in the home and lifestyle sector.

What Our Clients Say

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    The Neuro-Muscular Clinic
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    Daniel Burman
    Elegant Bedrooms
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Case Studies

  • Find My Leisure Vehicle

    Find My Leisure Vehicle

    51 Google Page One rankings and a whopping 484% increase in organic traffic in just 10 months were just the news that this industry-backed online leisure vehicle guide was looking for, and it was all thanks to a tailored SEO campaign from Team Figment.

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  • Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    37 Page 1 Google rankings. A 71% increase in sales. Surrey Hills Garden Buildings is now enjoying more quality leads than ever before, all thanks to Figment’s managed SEO strategy.

    View Case Study

  • Designed by Woulfe

    Designed by Woulfe

    Organic traffic up by 934%. 70 Google Page 1 rankings. A stream of lucrative new enquiries and clients. And a luxury interior designer who is nothing short of thrilled with the results of Figment’s organic SEO strategy.

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    Simon Cuff
    Steven and his team are great to work with, can produce results very quickly and deliver cost effective results. I've worked with Figment on a number of projects from small implementations to large continuous engagements as an external component of an agile development team.”
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    Jane Stewart
    From the outset Steve and the team have shown initiative, enthusiasm and expertise. They have produced a site which is fresh and modern and importantly a flexible tool that we can control directly allowing much greater involvement with our membership. The ongoing support has been both professional and personal. It has been a learning experience for us all but moreover a lot of fun!
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  • Liz Trumper
    “Figment Agency have been great to work with. They've provided expert advice throughout our time with them, and have helped strengthen our site's SEO. We can highly recommend them to others.”
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    Sophie Neil
    Fantastic and patient support. The team listen carefully to the brief and make the task in hand feel very achievable. They are both top of their game technically and very innovative, always aware of current trends and new developments. I feel lucky to be on their books. They are very approachable and always more than happy to help.
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  • Jacob Dilley
    “Exceptional impact! We hadn't had any SEO work done on our website before, we primarily relied on referrals. I've been super impressed with the impact they've made and working with their team is great as they are incredibly knowledgeable and consistently exceeded expectations. I highly recommend them to any business looking to strengthen their online presence. Looking forward to our continued partnership.”
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    Karim Elkary
    “An absolute pleasure to work with. As someone who is very tech UN-savvy, I was very apprehensive about setting up a new website. Steve and his team were brilliant from start to finish, taking the time to talk me through it and produce a great website from scratch. I also found their service excellent value for the time and effort they put it. I would highly recommend Figment Agency for any web design / management.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s included in SEO for home and lifestyle websites?

    We offer a range of SEO packages, all of which are tailored to align with your unique goals and objectives within the home and lifestyle sector. The specific components of your package will vary, but all packages include a minimum of 25 tracked keywords, one or more focus areas, over 16 campaign hours, multiple blogs or landing pages written by our experienced writers, a dedicated customer success manager, and a KPI dashboard offering an overview of your ongoing SEO campaign.

  • Which keywords will you select for my home and lifestyle SEO campaign?

    Our research identifies the keywords that will most effectively drive relevant traffic to your website in the home and lifestyle sector. We analyse the search behaviour of potential visitors within your niche and for the specific products and services you are looking to promote. This includes evaluating search volumes, keyword competition and potential click-through rates. Once completed, we’ll provide a well-researched set of keywords aligned with your business objectives.

  • What is the cost of SEO for home and lifestyle websites?

    Our SEO campaigns for home and lifestyle websites have a pricing range of £500 to £4K per month. As a guide, a 20-hour campaign targeting 50 keywords, including blogs, technical SEO, outreach, and management will typically be around £2,000 plus VAT per month. Feel free to reach out to us for a personalised quote.

  • Why is SEO essential for my home and lifestyle business?

    With competition increasing among home and lifestyle businesses, particularly as consumers consistently turn to the internet to discover suitable products, services and information, establishing a highly visible online presence is crucial, and is the means by which you can stand out from your competitors.

  • How long until I see the results of SEO on my home and lifestyle website?

    Patience is key when considering SEO for your website, and it should always be considered as a medium to long-term strategy. Nonetheless, many of our clients within the home and lifestyle sector begin to observe initial results within the first few months.

  • SEO vs paid advertising, what’s the better choice?

    When you pay to put ads online, every time someone clicks on the ad and lands on your website, you have to pay (‘pay per click’). With organic SEO however, there is no charge whenever someone clicks on a link they find in the search results. The fact is, people are more inclined to click on and trust organic listings than they are adverts, especially for home and lifestyle businesses. This is precisely why investing in a long term SEO strategy for your website is more likely to deliver a better ROI.

  • How does SEO work for a home and lifestyle website?

    When it comes to optimising SEO for your home and lifestyle website, we focus on two key aspects. Firstly, on-site SEO, which revolves around relevance. Our efforts in this domain entail prioritising factors important to search engines like page loading speed, website code structure and content quality. The other aspect is off-site SEO, which centres on building trust and site authority an area which is extremely important for business in the home and lifestyle sector.