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Running a WordPress website or WooCommerce online store? How would you like to see it soar above the competition, with top Google rankings and boosted sales? With a fully managed WordPress SEO campaign from Figment, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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Storm the search engine results with award-winning WordPress SEO

WordPress is world-renowned as an SEO-friendly web content management system, brimming with powerful features. But that doesn’t mean you can simply launch your WordPress website, then sit back and watch as you storm the search engine results pages.

Whilst the platform is packed with a host of SEO features that adhere to Google best practice, it’s not a replacement for a solid SEO strategy. You still need to create rich content and earn great back links. Plus it’s vital to make sure the site is well-optimised and free from technical issues. The very issues that could be holding it back from hitting those search engine top spots and netting you more sales.

This is where a dedicated campaign from WordPress SEO experts Figment can make all the difference.

Specialist WordPress SEO expertise, for game-changing results

Looking for game-changing results? The type that up your online exposure, get streams of enquiries rolling in and land you more sales? Then you need a WordPress SEO agency that understands just how to get the most out of this platform.

You may have already attempted your own DIY SEO setup for WordPress, maybe installed your own plugins, tried writing a blog or added your own meta descriptions using Yoast.

But if your competitors are still outranking you, and you don’t have the lion’s share of visibility across the search results, then you may be wondering what you need to do next to get your WordPress website or WooCommerce store the exposure it needs to excel. That’s where WordPress SEO consultants Figment come in.

WordPress SEO knowhow, the perfect blend of skills

WordPress is a powerful tool, there’s no mistaking it. But its many features can actually be the source of mistakes, especially if you’re not a WordPress SEO expert. Some of these mistakes can have a negative impact on your site’s ability to rank in the search engines.

That’s why, if you’re serious about search engine success, you’re going to need the help of a team with all the right WordPress SEO knowhow. A team that blends front-end visual and user experience skills, with backend technical savvy.

At Figment, we’re in the know on both counts. From tackling poorly-coded themes that can cause frustratingly slow loading pages and bloated code, to running a plugin audit to cut back speed-draining unnecessary installations. From optimising media, to creating XML sitemaps to help search engines find and crawl all your pages. And from installing regular updates to protect the site and boost performance, to making use of Schema and configuring permalinks to help search engines better understand your content, we’ve got everything covered to get you ranked above your competitors.

WooCommerce SEO expertise, for online shop success

If you’re looking to improve the results you’re getting from your WooCommerce website, Figment can help. When it comes to customising and optimising WooCommerce online stores, we’ve got the knowhow you need for outstanding results.

We could be ordering product categories and tags and enabling breadcrumbs to help visitors find just what they’re searching for, and fast. Enhancing product categories with fully optimised SEO titles and descriptions to help Google better understand your content. Giving page loading speed a boost and enhancing site performance for the best possible user experience, or making sure your online store is secure and safe from malicious attack.

Whatever your WooCommerce store needs to sweep the search engine top spots out of reach of the competition and net you more sales, you can consider it taken care of by WordPress SEO experts Figment.

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4 pictures side by side: Figment Agency notebook and flashdrive, CEO in discussion with green plant background, team meeting around a round table, and someone operating a laptop reviewing SEO
4 pictures side by side: Figment Agency notebook and flashdrive, CEO in discussion with green plant background, team meeting around a round table, and someone operating a laptop reviewing SEO

Why use Figment as your WordPress SEO consultant?

  • Proven Results

    Proven Results

    A host of number 1 spots secured on Google for numerous competitive keywords AND continued traffic growth month on month, year on year.

  • Unique Blend of Skills

    Unique Blend of Skills

    Blending marketing, creative and technical skills with business knowhow helps us maximise results, so you get the very best for your budget.

  • Proven SEO Process

    Proven SEO Process

    Our results-driven process helps us achieve outstanding SEO results. Plus you get to see precisely what we’ll be doing for you, and when.

  • Best Practice SEO

    Best Practice SEO

    Wave goodbye to spammy SEO. Everything we do complies with Google best practice for the best possible rankings and least likelihood of penalties.

  • Clear Reporting

    Clear Reporting

    Each month you'll receive tailored reports and updates on your KPIs so you can clearly see how well your SEO campaign is progressing.

  • KPI Dashboard

    KPI Dashboard

    Our easy-view dashboard keeps all your key data in one place, so you can monitor your campaign progress and SEO results in real time.

Outrank the competition with specialist WordPress SEO from Figment

Ready to take charge of the search engine results and enjoy boosted sales with a fully-optimised WordPress website? WordPress SEO is something we’ve been doing with great success for more than 15 years. Why not discover how we could turn things around for you too?

What Our Clients Say

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    Daniel Burman
    Elegant Bedrooms
  • Video Testimonial
    Kian Kormi
    Whisper Media
  • Video Testimonial
    Shaun O'Neill
    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings
  • Video Testimonial
    Helen Austin
    Voiceover / Presenter / Actress
  • Barry Bros Security

    Barry Bros Security

    100% growth in web traffic. Visitor numbers continuously rising. Google Page 1 for 55 competitive keywords. Here’s how we’ve kept this London security expert on top for more than five years.

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  • Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

    37 Page 1 Google rankings. A 71% increase in sales. Surrey Hills Garden Buildings is now enjoying more quality leads than ever before, all thanks to Figment’s managed SEO strategy.

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  • Headshot Shaun O.
    Shaun O'neill
    Steve, Emma and the team at Figment have been brilliant in firstly, explaining what SEO could do for us and secondly implementing it with almost instant success. Great company delivering great results!
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  • Headshot of Ceris H.
    Ceris Hymas
    “I loved working with Emma and Steve. They are really professional and really know what they are doing. Within just weeks of launching the new SEO campaign we started to see an increase in our search rankings. I’ve worked with a few agencies and they are certainly the best!”
    google stars google stars google stars google stars google stars
  • Jacob Dilley
    “Exceptional impact! We hadn't had any SEO work done on our website before, we primarily relied on referrals. I've been super impressed with the impact they've made and working with their team is great as they are incredibly knowledgeable and consistently exceeded expectations. I highly recommend them to any business looking to strengthen their online presence. Looking forward to our continued partnership.”
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    Rebecca Dear
    My contact with Figment has mostly been with their client support function and I would highly recommend them. They respond to queries quickly and efficiently, and they offer a range of solutions while advising what they think would be best for you so that you can make an informed choice.
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  • Simon Lewis
    “Steve, Emma and their team provide a first class service. They take their time to understand our needs and operate in a friendly and efficient way. Most importantly, what they do for us is incredibly effective!”
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  • Liz Trumper
    “Figment Agency have been great to work with. They've provided expert advice throughout our time with them, and have helped strengthen our site's SEO. We can highly recommend them to others.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between regular SEO, and WordPress SEO?

    Our dedicated WordPress SEO service is specifically aimed at getting WordPress websites ranked. We are specialist WordPress SEO experts, and know the platform inside out, including all the typical issues it throws up. These could be anything from speed-draining bloated code coming from poorly coded themes, to badly structured permalinks that can prevent your content being found by the search engines, and cause frustration for users.

    If you are running a WordPress or WooCommerce website, you will benefit from a specialist WordPress SEO campaign.

  • How much does your WordPress SEO service cost?

    Prices for our WordPress SEO campaigns range from £500 to £4K per month. As a guide, a 20-hour campaign based on 50 keywords with weekly blogs, technical SEO, manual outreach and management will usually be priced at £2,000 plus VAT per month. You are welcome to contact us for a bespoke quotation.

  • How long do I need to wait before seeing results from the WordPress SEO campaign?

    WordPress SEO should be viewed as a long-term strategy. Having said that, many of our WordPress SEO clients have enjoyed game-changing results within only the first few months.

  • What is included in your WordPress SEO service?

    This is specialist WordPress SEO, including SEO for WooCommerce online stores. Your SEO campaign will include vital keyword research, keyword mapping to every page of your website for enhanced search relevancy, URL and permalink optimisation, Schema Markup for rich, user-friendly results, technical SEO and code optimisation, media optimisation, content marketing and link building. It all begins with the creation of a solid WordPress SEO roadmap which is crucial to achieving the results you need for enhanced sales success.

    We offer a range of SEO packages, all of which can be tailored to your unique business goals and priorities. All packages include at least 25 tracked keywords, one or more focus areas, 16+ campaign hours, at least two blogs or landing pages, your own dedicated SEO growth manager, and a KPI dashboard where you can view all your WordPress SEO campaign results in real time.

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