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Get the knowledge you need to make crucial decisions and valuable improvements with a professional SEO Website Audit.

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If your web conversion rates are low, and your sales could do with a boost, it could be down to flaws in your website. But how to pin down these flaws and arm yourself with the vital knowledge you need to make improvements?

A website audit will provide you with a host of information that can be used to enhance your site in a number of ways. From user experience and content quality to search engine presence and visual appeal, with everything under expert review, you’ll be able to clearly see the potential reasons why you are missing out on sales and business growth.

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Your website audit and SEO audit in specialist hands

The specialist digital marketing and web design team at Figment has a respected reputation dating back to 2006. Knowledgeable across all aspects of web design and digital marketing, we have over the years come to know precisely what makes a website successful.

Our SEO website audit service has armed numerous businesses with all they need to know to transform the way their site supports their sales. And we could do the same for you.

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Why audit your website with Figment?

With experience and exceptional knowledge dating back to 2006, we know in-depth what can be causing issues with a website. So not only will we be aware of what needs checking, we’ll also be able to report back to you with expert recommendations on refinements that could transform your website so it starts meeting your business goals. Feel free to contact our web consultants in London.

Here’s why local businesses choose Figment for their professional website audit:

  • Action Plan

    Action Plan

    All website audits conclude with an expert action plan and a telephone consultation to discuss the next steps.

  • Easy


    You’ll receive clear, helpful reports that are easy to read and understand. No jargon, no confusion. Just straight forward action points.

  • Unbiased


    Your website audit report will be based on unbiased, expert opinion and summarised with advice from experienced professionals.

  • Focused


    Our website audit service is fully focused on your business objectives and online goals. So you’ll see precisely where improvements are needed.

  • Comprehensive


    All website audits are fully comprehensive and cover a wide range of issues from search engine rankings to usability and even GDPR compliance.

  • Personalised


    A fully tailored, personalised website audit service that’s as unique as your business. Because off-the-shelf audits just won’t do.

Types of website audit

Your website audit with Figment will always be fully tailored. Off-the-shelf website audits are known to be general. They don’t involve a personalised, in-depth insight into what could be causing your website to perform poorly.

At Figment, we look at your website audit from a range of perspectives. Here is a guide to what your audit may cover but again don’t forget, depending on the issues you’re experiencing and other unique factors, we’ll tailor the audit to your specific circumstances.

Technical website audit

Do your web pages download nice and quickly, or are they causing user frustration? Are visitors running into errors as they browse? We’ll look at what could be behind issues like this, and other technical factors that could be preventing your site from appearing in the search engines and/or converting.

SEO audit

If your website isn’t ranking well in the search engines, people just aren’t going to find it. It’s as simple as that. Your site’s failure to land those top ranking spots could be down to a variety of things. So we’ll use our extensive knowledge as a London SEO Agency to investigate everything from what’s happening ON the website to what’s going on OFF the site.

User experience audit

The user journey through a website is incredibly important. Is it easy for visitors to find what they want to know? To get to where they want to go? Can they complete and send forms without getting frustrated? Checkout and pay? Download things? Perhaps on a desktop all is well, but once the site is viewed on mobile, it all falls down. All these are factors we’ll delve into as part of your website audit.

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Website Audit – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about website audits? The following should prove helpful, but you’re welcome to get in touch if you need to know more.

  • How much does a website audit cost?

    Prices start from just £495 plus VAT covering all the basics. Deep SEO & UX/design audits start at £1,495 plus VAT.

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  • How does a website audit work?

    It all starts with a discussion about the problems you’re facing so we can understand what the issues are. For example your website might be getting lots of visitors, but not converting into enquiries or sales. If you have an ecommerce site, you might be experiencing a lot of abandoned baskets. Perhaps you’re just not getting enough traffic. Once we’ve ascertained those points we can tailor a website audit designed to identify the reasons behind these problems. We’ll give you a quote and if you accept, once payment has cleared, we’ll book the website auditin for you. Depending on the depth of the audit you can expect to receive our report and recommendations back within a minimum of 5 working days. We’ll then book a 30 minute telephone consultation so we can discuss the audit and any next steps with you. There is no obligation to do anything further once you’ve received the audit report.

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  • Why do I need a website audit?

    It could be one simple refinement that’s needed, or a range of things that need to be improved. A well-performing website can become a valuable asset for a business, whereas one that’s not doing its job can be a drain on the bottom line. A website auditidentifies areas for improvement and highlights precisely where things need to change.

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Ready to find out what’s holding your website back? Arrange your professional website audit with Figment today!

Don’t let a poorly performing website hold your business back. Find out how you could make the improvements you need to increase your sales. Contact Figment today!

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